Railroad workers in France went on strike

In France, railroad workers went on strike: The strike caused paralysis in the country.
Approximately 40 percent of scheduled high-speed trains were canceled due to the workers' strike protesting the reforms that the National Railway Administration wanted to make within the institution.
Again, the strike of the workers on the commuter trains in Paris caused a difficult time in transportation to the capital. The operation of the suburban trains with 50 percent capacity caused the citizens of the capital to experience long delays, especially during the morning departure hours.
While there was no disruption in the train services connecting France to Belgium and England, 30 percent of the train services connecting Switzerland and Italy were canceled.
The strike is expected to end on Friday morning. The reform of the workers is foreseen to unite the various railway companies in the country under one roof. The reform proposal will be on the parliamentary agenda after the municipal elections in March.

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