Kocaoğlu: "İZBAN Wrecked Owner is TCDD, I am proud"

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, two days in Izmir, participating in various programs, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim responded to the claims of Beydağ. In the evening, President Kocaoğlu addressed a crowded and enthusiastic community in the district he went to, accompanied by Beydağ Mayor Vasfi Şentürk and CHP District President Feridun Yılmazlar. Aziz Kocaoglu, Beydağ'dan Prime Minister "hodri challenge" he said.

Kocaoğlu said that Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who had been charged for the Metropolitan Municipality during the Izmir programs, began to look at Izmir, the Metropolitan Municipality and the President incorrectly after he had lost the election of the mayor against him. Aslında There is no such thing as losing the first time. You didn't win the election for the first time. 1 in Erzincan. You're a member of parliament. 1 from Istanbul. lined up. 1 twice from Izmir. You're a member of parliament. Now you're in the 1 line again. The most guaranteed place .. Come and race with me .. Single-grade, a man selected in the selection, 2019, 8 month after the local selection. 31 mart 2019'da .. Here, my brother! X said.

The Prime Minister's D If we hadn't handled Izban, the wreck was standing there de, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated, dik If this debris is the owner, it is TCDD. It was your line up there and you had to stand up. We have made 1,5 billion pounds underpass, overpass, tunnel station all for İZBAN. TCDD 1.5 spent millions on where I spent my 50 billion. I'm proud of Izban. Mr. Prime Minister should also be proud. 300 carry a daily passenger around a thousand. If the TCDD signaled this signal and pulled the suburban trains off the line, we will increase the number of passengers 90-600 per thousand during the 650 days. We can't move the passenger, they're blocking. They make a lot of problems. I know very well how we have built İZBAN under which conditions and under what difficulties. Maybe I should sit down when I'm in labor, da he said.

Lightning's N Alsancak Port is a cruise port and container port should be moved to Aliaga lam also criticized the President Aziz Kocaoglu said: konteyner Izmir, thanks to its port 8 bin 500 has been living for years. We have received an EIA report with TCDD. We will clean the bay together, we will scan, the big ships will come to the next port .. Izmir and the country will win more. Do you know why Mr. Prime Minister says so? They first privatized Petkim and then gave them permission to build a large harbor. I need a load. I don't know what their relationship is. State Port of Izmir will not work, Petkim port will work. Aliağa Nemrut Bay in the port to know what will work? Çandarlı port will be built, the world is spent money. It's not the name today. What happened? Ne

President of the Buca metro project and sent to the Ministry of Transportation and reminded that more than one year, President Kocaoglu said, yap However, there is no missing. This time he went to the Ministry of Development. The 8 month is also waiting there. From there it will go to the High Planning Council. Prime Minister and 8 will sign the minister. I don't want a loan, I don't want money. I went to the world's strong financial circles 2,5 billion liras have found the loan. I'm just gonna get a permit, go to the bidding and build a subway to Buca. But it's not the time when you're allowed. God willing, Muharram fine income, we solve this job .. "He said.



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