Ankara's suburban lines and trains renewed

Ankara and the suburban train lines were renewed: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) suburban train lines and the 170 million pounds in Ankara with renewed spending.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) suburban train lines and the 170 million pounds in Ankara with renewed spending.

The 36 from Xinjiang to Kayaş will begin to operate from the date of the 29 to the suburban trains. You will even run the all new and air-conditioned 15 trains every ten minutes at peak times, one at 154 at other hours. TCDD, all preparations for the operation of the suburbs were completed.

XnumX minutes between Xinjiang and Ankara, 31 minutes between Ankara and Kayas, and suburban travel time on east west axis will be 22 minutes. Suburban fees were determined as 53 kuruş. One month is the subscription card, which gives you unlimited travel opportunities, adult 1,75 pounds. The subscription fee for young people was set as yönelik young subscribers ab fee for 65 lira.


TCDD officials evaluated the allegations that 2 interrupted the suburban operation on the route and that nothing was done in the year. Symptoms during the period of work as follows:
The new double line between Ankara-Behiçbey and the new single line between Behiçbey-Sincan. The existing railway between Kayaş and Sincan has been rebuilt; necessary arrangements were made. Level crossings were removed and transformed into the upper and lower passage in accordance with the high-speed train operation. Xinjiang-Ankara between the 28 piece of vehicle bottom and overpass. A total expenditure of over $ 1 million was realized. Toplam


On the other hand, it was stated that the Başkentray project was not completed due to the reasons that TCDD did not have in the period when the line was closed to traffic. 36 will bring the urban suburban corridor to the metro standard with its multi-line and stations; The delay in the Başkentray project, which will integrate with highways and high-speed trains, was reminded that the issue was due to the move to the judicial process. After this process, the tender was canceled and the tender process of the Başkentray project was continued.

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