BTSO clustering studies continue with Rail Systems Cluster

BTSO clustering studies continue with the Rail Systems Cluster: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues with the Rail Systems Cluster, the clustering studies initiated in order to enable the sectors in Bursa to take their place in international competition.
Ziya Altunyaldız, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, attended the Rail Systems Clustering Meeting. The cluster meeting at the BTSO Meeting Hall was held with intense participation from different sectors.
Hilton Bursa Hotel at the summit "Turkey's economy and retail reflections Draft Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade" was tabled.
"Thinking globally is essential to make a difference"
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade Altunyaldiz the synergy created in the BCCI leadership should be an example to Turkey in Bursa, noting that, "The difference needs to produce to create global thinking and strategies. Here you are such a group. " said.
Undersecretary Altunyaldız, stating that the retail bill has come to an end, said: “The retail industry had to walk through many doors in order to open any business. With this work, we are trying to enable the opening of the retail business with a single application that can be called a single stop, in a sense a single door and in a sense, a window. We are trying to establish this with the 'retail information system' and to establish a single application for permits, licenses from all ministries and relevant institutions, and to provide them through systems integrated with the information system. "
"Bursa is suitable for the production of rail system vehicles with its industrial infrastructure"
BTSO President İbrahim Burkay stated that the clustering studies were among the initiatives in the new period and said, “Bursa's industrial infrastructure and engineering power are suitable for the production of rail system vehicles. I believe that Bursa, which has the production power to make a difference in high speed rail system vehicles, will succeed. Our Undersecretary is with us, TÜBİTAK is with us and you are with us in pre-competition cooperation. We will succeed together, ”he said.
Also at the meeting, TÜBİTAK Energy Institute President Burhan Gültekin made a presentation about TÜBİTAK's Vehicle Technologies Group infrastructure and works.

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