Elektra Elektronik to Establish R & D Center at 2020

Elektra Electronics will also establish R & D Center
Elektra Electronics will also establish R & D Center

Production capacity, number of employees, export ratio and R & D investments in Turkey in terms of the low-voltage transformer and reactor industry's leading company, Elektra Electronics, 6 continents 60 countries to domestic and realizes exports national transformer and electronic products. As a result of strong R & D efforts in the sector for the first time and leading products in the sector, Elektra Elektronik has made an investment that will double the capacity of its existing factory in Esenyurt in Istanbul in the year 40, which it declared “Year of Leap”. The company has expanded its R & D activities with its new investment and has focused on projects with TUBITAK partners. Elektra Elektronik, one of the projects realized with the cooperation of METU and YTU, is in the process of writing, and these two TÜBİTAK TEYDEB (Technology and Innovation Support Programs Presidency) projects support industry-university cooperation projects. Aiming to start the R & D center installation process in 2019, Elektra Elektronik is expanding its overseas operations with its company located in Germany and sales offices located in China and America, and is rapidly advancing towards becoming a global preferred Turkish brand in the field of transformer and electronic products.

Elektra Electronics industry leading brand of electronic Turkey; With its advanced technology solutions in the field of transformers, reactors, winding elements, energy quality and power electronics, it stands out in many different sectors such as construction, rail systems, electricity, electronics, automation, robotics and maritime. Production capacity, number of employees, export and R & D investment ratio in terms of low voltage transformers and reactors sectors of the leading companies in Turkey with Elektra Electronics; China, Spain, Germany, France, Russia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and South America, mainly 6 continent and close to 60'a domestic and national transformer and electronic products are exported.

Elektra Elektronik's General Manager Emin Armağan Şakar stated that Elektra Elektronik, which produces firsts and pioneering products in its sector with its high technology throughout its long-established history approaching 40, has increased its investments in R & D since 2010. Yerli With our domestic transformer and electronic products designed and produced by Turkish engineers within the borders of our country, we are preferred in giant projects in the world as well as in the domestic market. Presidential Campus in Turkey, Istanbul New Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, the fast train project, Marmaray and city hospitals; abroad, we are an important player in projects such as Chinese railways, Guangzhou wastewater project, Serbian Electricity Authority and Russian iron and steel factories. We are one of the rare Turkish companies that can manage to sell electronic products to China. Also do not take a single company with a UL Certificate low voltage transformers and reactors makes it possible to export to the United States in the sector in Turkey. "

TUBITAK focused on projects

Elektra Electronic headquarters as well in Turkey as in Germany in the company of China and in America that there were sales office Gift Sakar, said that it was the most important factor in the early R & D investments that underlie success. Şakar explained that in 2019, which they declared mevcut Year of Leap ”, they realized an investment that would double the capacity of their existing factories in Esenyurt, Istanbul and that they expanded their R & D activities with new investment. Stating that they are focusing on TUBITAK-partnered projects at 2019, Şakar said, biri One of the projects we have realized with the cooperation of METU and YTU has been approved and the other one is in the writing process. We support these two TÜBİTAK TEYDEB (Technology and Innovation Support Programs Presidency) projects and industry-university cooperation projects. As a result of these efforts, we aim to start the installation process of “Elektra Elektronik R & D Center X in 2020”.

Turkish brand preferred by the world

Stating that they have been in a rapid growth move since 2016, Şakar said, “In the last 3 year, we have increased the growth average of our company to 20. In 2018, we achieved 25 growth in percent compared to the previous year. We are aiming to grow between 2020 and 10 in 15 with the effect of our new investment and increasing R & D activities in our factory and to increase our total export rate from 50 to 70 as of today. We are rapidly moving towards becoming a global Turkish brand preferred by the world in the field of transformer and electronic products by expanding our overseas activities. Erek

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