Denizli Zeytin Plateau cable car project takes place

Denizli Zeytin Plateau ropeway project comes to life: South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA), which was established to support the regional development of DENİZLİ, Muğla and Aydın, will provide a total of 1 million 498 thousand lira financial support to the two projects of Denizli Municipality. GEKA, 'Zeytin Plateau Tourism', where a cable car will be built KazanIt has decided to support the projects 'World Heritage Laodicea Awakens' for the restoration of the Church of the Holy Cross, which was unearthed during the excavations in the Ancient City of Laodicea.
Denizli Municipality applied to the Tourism Infrastructure Financial Support Program, for which GEKA called for project support, with two projects. Denizli Municipality Survey Project Directorate prepared by the EU Project Unit 'Zeytin Plateau Tourism Kazan' and 'World Heritage Laodicea Awakens' projects were deemed successful and deserved to receive financial support from GEKA. kazanwas. 4 million 186 thousand liras of the two projects with a total budget of 1 million 498 thousand liras will be supported by GEKA. Zeytin Plateau, which is planned to be established in the cable car, with a budget of 2 million 998 thousand liras, is open to tourism. KazanWith the project, camping areas with tents and bungalows, daily use areas, local product exhibitions and sales areas will be built in Zeytin Plateau, which is close to the city center. With the project, it is aimed to attract both domestic and foreign tourists to the region, to integrate the alternative tourism type and to associate it with the natural values ​​of the region.
In order to protect the natural structure of the project area, studies will be carried out in such a way that the forest cover will be harmed. In the project planned to be completed in 12 months, it will be possible to reach the 6 in the Olive Plateau with the cable car in minutes. PSYROPOSIS HOUSE AND KILISE ROUTES REPAIR The municipality of Laodice, where the municipality has received the financial support for the excavation works and has been granted the operation rights, is located in the south of the Holy Cross Church, which was built in Laodiceia Project with the budget of 1 thousand pounds. The restoration of the east-west-north streets that provide access to the bishop house, the church archives and the church, as well as the walkways, churches and church top coverings within the church. With the project planned to be completed in 188 months, the Holy Cross Church, which is of great importance in terms of faith tourism, will be protected from climate conditions and external factors and will be opened for continuous visits, not only for visits but also for tourists.

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