TCDD: TCDD's Radiation Output News

TCDD: News of Radiation Released in TCDD's Scraps: Unrealistic: TCDD General Directorate announced that the claims about radiation in Tcdd's scraps on the websites of some newspapers are unrealistic.
According to the statement that TCDD's scraps were collected by the Machinery Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE) in accordance with the Cabinet Decision, it was emphasized that the scraps in the Halkapınar Locomotive Workshop Directorate were also delivered to MKE. The statement, which was stated to have been received by MKE through the radioactive panels in Aliağa and checked, said the following:
“On 12 November 2013, 95 trucks were delivered to MKE from Halkapınar. However, one of the trucks loaded with scrap was returned to our enterprise due to the warning of radioactive panels. Thereupon, the study done for the November 13, 2013 Turkey Atomic Energy Agency has been consulted, simultaneously engaged in scrap scrap yard and returned in the measurement of MKE measurements were made by experts. "
There were no signs of radiation in the field, and the following statements were also included:
“Among the returned scrap, 3 kg. Weights were detected on a piece of 1960 locomotives that are not used today, and no radiation was found in other scraps and on site. The part in question has been isolated and taken under protection, just in case the field has been isolated. The subject will be shared with the public after TAEK has made the necessary review. As claimed in the news, it is unrealistic to claim that all the scraps and the area are radiation and that the scraps pose a threat to the people of Izmir.

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