Marmaray Generali under insurance

Marmaray Generali is under insurance guarantee: CR3 Gebze, the main vein of Marmaray, which is the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing projectHalkalı The suburban lines were insured by Generali Sigorta as 50 coors.
150 years, Generali Insurance, which is active in Turkey "Construction All Risks Policy" with CR3-Gebze Halkalı In addition to the improvement of suburban lines, construction, electrical and mechanical systems were insured with 50 coinsurance. Thus, the project, which has a capacity of 1 million passengers per day, was secured by Generali Sigorta. Turkey's most important project because one of the voicing satisfaction guarantee to receive the Generali Insurance General Manager Ayhan Mine, "for Turkey with the help of our 150 years experience as we continue our Generali Insurance claims in important projects," he said. Generali Insurance before Mount Bolu Tunnel and Ayhan such as fuses, indicating that the Ilisu Dam project of great importance for Turkey Marmaray Gebze CR3 Halkalı 2015 project will continue to be under the assurance of Generali Insurance said.
The Marmaray CR3 project uses high-capacity electrical energy to sustain Istanbul's urban life in a healthy manner. The Marmaray CR3 project, which has been designed as environmentally friendly, has improved the existing lines and the total line length has reached approximately 76 km with the completion of the new railway system.

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