Is there anyone in Marmaris?

Is there anyone who knows the Marmaras in Malatya: Saadet Party (SP) Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Ahmet Munir Erkal, 30 March local election work Erkal, SP Malatya Province President Mehmet Asiltürk and party members visited Dilek Town.
Addressing the citizens in the town of Dilek, Ahmet Münir Erkal said that everyone should use their preferences correctly in order not to darken the future of Malatya.
Erkal stated that in the local elections of 30 March, Malatians will not choose the 5-year mayor, “Our citizens will determine the future of Malatya for a hundred years. Because the decisions taken here are irreversible. The construction of Malatya will continue for 1,5 years at first. Malatya's roads, ring roads, subway systems, light rail systems, financial centers, parks, education and health infrastructure, market centers, Malatya squares will be planned for the first time. If Malatya is planned incorrectly in incompetent hands, if the first button is attached incorrectly, the future of Malatya will go towards a dark spot. "I am watching with amazement and terror how someone who does not know and understand this job will do this job."
Drawing attention to the fact that the metropolitan city brought with it a heavy duty, Erkal said: “Was this job a child's play? The planning of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is a really heavy and difficult obligation. Since Malatya Metropolitan Mayor will be elected for the first time, he will act as the founding president. The whole system will be reinstalled. The whole city will be planned from the beginning. For this reason, the person who will take the office faces a heavy obligation. For this reason, the face of those who do not have a driver's license or qualification, those who cannot practice fair management, those who do not know this job, those who do not have the knowledge of doing projects, those who do not have references, who do not master this job, those who do not have mastery, technical infrastructure and knowledge in this business will come up with which face, "I will manage Malatya" says?"
Erkal, arguing that the services provided in Istanbul are hung on billboards as if they were done in Malatya, “I look at billboards; "We did Marmaray," he says. I'm asking where was it done? Does anyone know Marmaray in Malatya? If anyone knows, let me tell you to learn. "Channel Istanbul," he says. Does anyone know him? "I'm going to make a Tube Walkway," he says. Does anyone know him? Where Tube Passage? 3. Where is the airport? Our citizen said, "We don't have a civil airport, when will the third one be held?" she asks. Is someone taunting with our mind? Why do they write Istanbul services? Because there are no services to write in Malatya. There is no service that would excite the people of Malatya and would be called "This is really a good and good service". That's why they write what the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality did, as if they were doing it in Malatya. What did you do after me? You have been in Malatya for 10 years, what services did you do? Malatya does not even have a ring road. What do you do? You betray this support. Not being able to serve has no right to become mayor. ”
SP Malatya Province President Mehmet Asiltürk, 30 March local elections are important for Malatya said.
Expressing that they are very important to local elections for the future of Malatya, Asiltürk stated that they want the citizens to use their preferences for competent and qualified people.

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