High-speed trains led to disaster

High-speed train work was causing disaster: In the high-speed train works that were being built in Bilecik Başköy, there was less disaster. A huge rock was rolled into the house of a citizen named Tahir Ertürk, whose house and workplace are in the same place in the region. Fortunately, they survived the disaster at the last minute, while there was nobody injured or killed. Ertürk, who said that the authorities should bring a solution to this incident as soon as possible, previously gave 175 thousand TL for my land, but I did not accept it. I wrote a petition to the municipality and the High Speed ​​Train authorities and said that I wanted a worth of fiat. Their aim is to get me out of here by not giving this money. He said that I want to resolve this issue as soon as possible before going to court.



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