Privatization in Derince Port (Photo Gallery)

Derince Port Privatization in Action: Liman-İş Trade Union Branch of Kocaeli, Derince port in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) ports on the receipt of the protest the privatization program.
Kocaeli Derince Port workers who did not want to take some ports of TCDD within the scope of privatization organized an action. Workers, who are heading towards the exit door with slogans from Derince Port, held a press statement here. Commenting on the workers' behalf, Port-İş Kocaeli Branch President Bülent Aykurt said:
Aykurt said that the privatization is done for every purpose and he said: ne How far will you go by selling it? All important and strategic understandings of our country are sold. The logic here is to deliberately blunt the ports that are in operation of the state, to show it as a damaging organization, and then to present these enterprises to the people's eyes with the logic of öncelikle no matter where we return from the loss kuruluş. This practice is seriously misunderstood and distorted mathematics, it is far from objectivity. The situation of our colleagues here is different, the lives of the people, the education of children, their future plans are of no importance. We, as union members, will use our constitutional rights to the end of the state. In many parts of the world, many ports are known that the state exists in port management, and that it provides its services professionally. Biz
After the press release, union members shouted slogans accompanied by applause.

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