Çiğli Businessmen Association was the Guest of Metin Solak

Çiğli Businessmen Association Was the Guest of Metin Solak: Çiğli Mayor Metin Solak hosted the chairmen and members of the Izmir Businessmen and Industrialists Association (İZİSAD) operating in Çiğli, at the Aquarium with Deniz Park Café, which will start serving in the coming days. He gave information about the studies and projects.
At the invitation of President Metin Solak, İZİSAD President Aziz Eroğlu and businessmen of the association met at breakfast at the Aquarium with Deniz Park Café. Deputy mayors, cleaning works, science works, managers of parks and gardens and construction site coordinator also attended the meeting and answered the questions about the municipal services and gave information about the works.
IZISAD President Eroglu, the visible and invisible sides of the municipality, the real hard part of the citizen, municipalities do not have awareness about the invisible sides, he said. Eroğlu said that they appreciate the successful services of the municipality in various fields and said that they are providing important services under very difficult conditions.
Stating that the services of Çiğli Municipality are carried out to embrace everyone, Mayor Metin Solak said, “We take hot meals to hundreds of people every day. We clean the houses of our elderly people with mosques and cem houses periodically. We also provide personal care for our elderly and disabled people. We take our patients and those who need treatment through a phone and take them to the health institution where they go, and we treat many of them. We prove that municipalism is not just roads and sidewalks. Our investments continue increasingly. Our dew is developing rapidly and in the next period
Stating that they are working to have more connections between the industrial zones in Çiğli and the İZBAN line, Mayor Metin Solak said, “We have submitted our requests regarding the presence of connections to both İzmir Katip and Cebebi University and the industrial area and the stop. These demands were met by the Metropolitan Municipality positively. After a while these demands will be fulfilled. ”
Drawing attention to the fact that they have been working on infrastructure in 76 points in Çiğli, President Solak pointed out that there have been no floods in Çiğli for two years. Pointing out that there were serious floods in the past, President Solak said: “In the past, the houses flooded in Çiğli. It would be news for newspapers and televisions. But now such troubles are not experienced in our district. The streets are not flooded and their houses are not flooded. In fact, although the infrastructure works belong to İZSU, we did not want to wait and we worked at 76 points. Although there was very strong rainfall in the past days, there was no house or street problem flooded in Çiğli. ”
Stating that many candidate candidates in Çiğli are not aware of the services and activities that have been going on for 4 years in the municipality, Mayor Metin Solak said, “Many candidates are defending our municipal services as if they were their own projects. Candidate candidates take care of our business. However, we have been doing our basic services such as hot food and ambulance for years. Fortunately, our citizens are aware of this situation. ”

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