Loads of freight on railways

Fast transport of cargo on railways: While transportation projects of Konya and its surroundings were discussed at the Regional Transportation Workshop, it was emphasized that mixed lines should be included in freight transportation. Speaking at the Transport Workshop, President of KOP Regional Development Administration Prof. Dr. Mehmet Babaoğlu, stating that the manufacturing industry stuck in the Marmara Region can be spread to Anatolian cities can be possible by developing high-speed rail transportation alongside fast passenger, and said, “Giving our investment priority to mixed lines at high speeds compared to high-speed trains will provide great advantage in regional development”. Babaoğlu said, “It is the construction of Antalya Koıya-Aksaray-Nevşehır and Kayseri line as a mixed line that can go between 140-160, which can be an alternative exit to the region. "We will have the chance to make a direct train from this line to Samsun port via Kayseri and again to Kars, Tbilisi, Baku line via Sivas and it opens new markets."

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