Ssk-Bus Station Tram Expeditions 28 -29 16 Hours Between September

Ssk-Bus Station Tram Expeditions 28 -29 16 Time will stop from September: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, SSK-Bus Station line will be stopped temporarily stop the tram services.
The statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality of hand, "the Republic of Turkey from the Railways (TCDD), the incoming response to demand, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) September 28 evening hours for the establishment of line project conducted under the side of the station being demolished bridge temporary tram service road of scissors 20.00:29 As 12.00 It will be stopped until XNUMX noon on September. The Metropolitan Municipality will provide transportation in this direction by public transport so that our citizens who use the tram line between SSK and Bus Station are not victimized due to the closure of the tram line due to the work of TCDD ”.

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