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Intercity Railways

TCDD e-ticket Getting Easier

Getting TCDD e-tickets becomes easier: With the Electronic Passenger Ticket Sales System (EYBIS) of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, TCDD General Directorate, it is now easier to buy tickets. Thus, unnecessary ticketing, control costs and time [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD: High rise to commuter fees

TCDD: The high increase in suburban wages is not true. The news in some media organs that the most increase in suburban wages in the last year does not reflect the truth. Suburban statement from TCDD: -“Some press [more…]

34 Istanbul

Large density in the Metrobus line

High density on the Metrobus line: Due to the density on the Metrobus line, the passengers got off on the E-5 highway and walked to work before the vehicles entered the station. There was a serious congestion on the Metrobus line in the morning hours. Especially from the Anatolian side to Europe [more…]


Railway reform book

Railway reform book: The European Community of Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER) is Europe's leading railway organization. European Union ", the candidate of the countries (Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey) and also from the Western Balkan countries, Norway and Switzerland" to 70 [more…]

7 Russia

Moscow-Kazan high-speed train will depart in 2018

Moscow-Kazan high-speed train will depart in 2018: Moscow to be realized as a pilot project in the high-speed train project –Kazan It is reported that the flights will start in 2018. According to the information given to the Praym agency by the officials working in the railways, in September [more…]


Tramways in Eskişehir 1 Days No More

1 Day No: Eskisehir Tram: Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works closed because of the tram service can not be made more 1 days said. In a statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, “28 September 2013 Saturday [more…]

20 Egypt

Train service started in Egypt

Train services started in Egypt: Train services, which were stopped for security reasons in Egypt, started partially after 45 days, and the train set off for the capital, Cairo. Density was observed at the train stations in the Nile Delta. declarative [more…]