16 Bursa

Musiaddan Btsoya Visit (Photo Gallery)

Visit from Müsiad to BTSO: Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) Chairman Ömer Cihad Vardan, with the vision of the new management of BTSO, Bursa, which is one of the locomotive cities of the country's economy. [more…]


New Trams of the Conse

Konya's New Trams Stuck in Flood: The arrival of the new trams, which Konya is longing for, will be delayed due to the flood in the Czech Republic. At the request of the producer company, the first [more…]

ankara metro is entrusted to them
06 Ankara

Heroes of Ankara Metro

Here are the heroes of Ankara metro: Although they sometimes go above ground, most of the time metro workers work meters below ground. Maybe they are in a difficult task, but [more…]