Best Transportation in Kayseri in Turkey

Turkey's Best Public Transport: Metropolitan removal of minibuses in accordance with decisions taken by the municipality, natural gas buses, rail systems, such as the revolution with Kayseri made in transportation has become the city makes the best public transport in Turkey. Approximately 350 thousand people daily benefit from public transportation in Kayseri.


Public transportation is carried out in Kayseri with a total of 387 buses, 125 of which are public buses and 512 of which are municipal buses. Approximately 9 thousand people are transported with 100 thousand 350 rail systems and buses every day. And during this transportation, approximately 120 thousand kilometers are covered and the world is traveled three times every day.


Minibuses are turning to public buses are free from the minibus and city traffic Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey provides examples of this transformation was a municipality. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality brought speed and comfort to transportation with the rail system, which started transportation in 2009, and relieved the traffic to a great extent. While 35 thousand passengers were transported every day in the first days of the rail system, today this number has reached approximately 85 thousand. Although the rail system only carries passengers in the east-west direction of the city for now, it provides 23 percent of the total passenger circulation in the city. The importance of the rail system in transportation will increase even more with the commissioning of İldem and Üniversite lines in 2014.


Although approximately 350 thousand people daily benefit from public transportation in Kayseri, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality faces minimal complaints about transportation. On the other hand, praise and appreciation are received for the convenience and comfort provided in transportation.

Source: UAV

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