Karçel freight wagon, one of the establishments of KARDEMİR, is working on the production of Kardökmak bandages.

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories reported that Karçel, a subsidiary of KARDEMİR, is working for the production of bandages, while Kardökmak is working for the production of bandages.

Fadıl Demirel, General Manager of Demir Çelik Fabrikaları (KARDEMİR), stated that Karçel, one of the affiliates of KARDEMİR, is working for the production of bandages (railway wheels) and Kardökmak.

Kardemir, Turkey's first integrated iron and steel factory and currently long made of ore-based production makes Demirel said that the only organization, production in 1995, which specialized to 550 thousand tons, which KARDEMİR the production of investment and renewal by 2010, but 1 million tonnes He said he was rising. Demirel said, “With the new blast furnace installed in 2011, KARDEMİR's liquid crude iron production capacity has increased to 1.8 million tons. Our current target is to increase the capacity of blast furnaces to 3 million and the steelworks capacity to 3.5 million tons. New sinter factory, lime factory and continuous casting plant investments were completed and commissioned from the investments we started for this purpose. Our investments in the new coke plant with 70 ovens, 50 MW power plant, 1th Blast Furnace with a capacity of 200 million 5 thousand tons, and the third converter of 120 tons continue. ” Demirel stated that a large part of these investments will be completed this year and added that the new blast furnace and 3rd converter investments will be completed in the first half of next year: It will be increased to 3 tons. Thus, KARDEMİR will become a dynamic and world-class company that produces its own energy, can make production and cost control much better, has increased efficiency, and can easily respond to price fluctuations in the world steel markets. ”

"Kardemir, Turkey's only rail manufacturer"

Underlining that Turkey's Kardemir's only rail manufacturer Fadil Demirel said, "paint up to 72 meters high speed train rails from producer Kardemir is no other rail between our country and the region, including countries. In addition, Kardemir is the only company in our country in structural steel production up to 750 mm width. KARDEMİR, which currently serves the sector with over 40 structural steel varieties, also produces pig, blooms, billets, ribbed construction steel, angle iron, mine pole, coke and coke by-products and provides basic input to the construction, mining, transportation and industry sectors. He was used.

Fadil Demirel, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) since 2002 to increase the share of railways in passenger and freight transport in order that important investment projects begin to implement, Kardemir's also building a new mill in this period are reminded that now the rail production. Demirel continued as follows: “Besides, KARDEMİR is a partner with the railway truss factory established in Çankırı together with TCDD and Voestalpine company. Currently, our subsidiary Karçel is working on the production of freight cars. Production of two freight wagons has been completed. It is planned to start mass production after necessary test studies. Cooperation with Karabük University, ITU and TÜLOMSAŞ has been achieved in this regard. Our other subsidiary, Kardökmak, is working on the production of bandages (railway wheels). Tender preparations for investment continue. ”

Turkey's first and the only iron and steel institute established in Karabük the University of Iron and Steel Institute and R & D in the construction of the central building corporate social responsibility project Demirel said he was doing the KARDEMİR, "the institute which devices have been provided, many tests that can be done that can not be in our country. All these studies require science and I think that the Rail Systems Engineering opened within the body of Karabuk University is the most important step of this. This engineering branch was opened for the first time in our country under Karabuk University. The trained manpower deficit, which has emerged in parallel with the rail systems that have developed rapidly in the last 10 years, can be met here. Again, within the university, a rail system will be established on an area of ​​5 kilometers by our company, so that theoretical and practical training can be carried out together. Thus, Karabük will become the center of the rail systems. ”

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), conducted by Turkey's Top 500 Enterprise Survey, 2011 According to data from Demirel stating that Kardemir's 34th ranks, the economic lives voiced found in the vessel position of the company. Demirel said, “All of KARDEMİR shares are traded on the ISE and there are thousands of investors. Situated between Turkey Coal Institution Again largest public institutions of our country (TCC) and the location of the TCDD's largest customers. Our country uses ores. It provides employment for more than 4 thousand personnel together with its affiliates and also provides employment for tens of companies and about 2 thousand people employed by them. All these are serious sizes. ”

Source: EcoAddition

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  1. for many years, the MKE institution with the Kardemir, the railway wheel will say that the manufacturing will be standing. There is nothing in the middle of the production of the tire is difficult to manufacture. Thanks to the competition in the world market price is normal level. It is not easy to enter the wheel auction. The wheel must also be tested under 3-5 year vehicle. The quality of the steel comes after the quality of production. then the goal is reached. Easy gele.