We Will Ride the Metro from Bağcılar

We will take the subway from Bağcılar and get off in Kartal. Saying that the subway has been put into service, Çağırıcı will be able to go by using the metro line from “Hemşehrim Bağcılar” to Kartal. said.

Bagcilar Mayor Lokman Çağırıcı, Sancaktepe neighborhood in the "People's Assembly" in front of the public told about the investments they made. Describing the completed projects with photos, the caller, Bagcilar said that they have become a center of attraction. Calling that they have prepared very important projects within the scope of Urban Transformation Project, Çağırıcı thanked his fellow citizens for showing close attention to the issue. Within the scope of the project will be converted into buildings, parking and children's playgrounds and gardens will be found in the summoning, in addition to the earthquake-resistant buildings will be built to double the value of the material said. Calling, the realization of urban transformation, theft, environmental and noise pollution will be resolved, he said.


Sancaktepe Çarşı Street in the neighborhood to remind that they renew and thoroughly call the call, health center building was prepared and the tender of the project, he said. Health Center will build against the Olympic Park, indicating that the summoning, Bagcilar Square will be completely renewed, he added. Mayor summit, "the biggest square in Istanbul Bagcilar" are doing. It will be bigger than Taksim Square. It will be one of the highest quality buildings of Istanbul. he said. Successful completion of the Metro trial flights also noted that the call, Metrom entered service. I would like to express my gratitude to the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Kadir Topbaş on behalf of all Bağcılar. said. Bağcılar Metro will be integrated into all subways. From here, a person on the subway can go up to Eagle. Istanbul will be able to use all the subways. he said.


Listening to the problems of his fellow countrymen, Mr. Çağırıcı answered questions posed to him. On the question of a woman's water on Mayor summons, so far ISKI water nor poisoning nor a case of disease, he said. He said that he could easily use the tap water and he drank from İSKİ during the program.
AK Party District President Ismet Ozturk 20 years of this tradition is very important, stressing, `` fellow citizens share the difficulties of talking to managers. This is the best example of democratic government. he said.


Ak People's Assembly mis, the guest of Yeni Akit newspaper writer Hüseyin Öztürk reminded of his trip to Ethiopia, people lived in hunger and misery, he said. Stating that people have to live there for 75 dollars per month, Ozturk said that there was a shortage of water and food. ?? also stated that Turkey is a great chance to live Ozturk, ?? I ?? I give thanks for all the blessings that God has given us. I know that Mr. Lokman Çağırıcı is doing what he is doing to account for Allah and then to the people. said. District National Education Director Mustafa Yilmaz, as well as a large number of neighborhoods attended the meeting. In the meantime, following the meeting, France's famous Liberation Newspaper Foreign News Director Marc Semo and Radio France correspondent Remi Ink, interviewed with President Lokman Çağırıcı. Introducing the district to the guest journalists, Mayor Çağırıcı told about his investments.



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