Diyarbakır starts construction of light rail line

Diyarbakır starts construction of light rail line: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality starts construction of light rail line which will cost 250 million pounds.

Within the scope of the Urban Transportation Master Plan prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the light rail line will start this year. 3 will cost 250 million pounds to be completed in the year.

Metropolitan Municipality of Transportation Department Head Ibrahim Altun, AA correspondent, in the context of the Urban Transportation Master Plan work on the development of the feasibility studies of Diyarbakir Light Rail System Line Project launched in 2 years ago, under the responsibility of Boğaziçi Project Engineering Company, under the supervision of Bogazici University, said that the work.

This year the construction work in September or will begin in October, it is to record what they found in the loan application to the Provincial Bank Altun, conducted in Turkey reported that this kind of work of all the provinces supported by the Bank.

Mayor Osman Baydemir also talked to the officials of the Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Erdoğan Bayraktar and Iller Bank for credit support Altun said that they would not have any problems with the loan.

There is an intensive demand for the line

The route for the light rail system, starting from Dagkapi Square, Kayapinar Education and Research Hospital in the Altun extending to the front, indicating that the length of the line will be 14,3 kilometers, the project will take place in the 18 station will be noted.

Altun, stating that the stations are currently in line with the bus stops being used extensively, indicates that the average operating speed is predicted as 22 kilometers per hour, and the total rotation time of the line lasting approximately 37 minutes will be approximately 78 minutes in one direction, 4 number of vehicles could reach the number of voyage.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Ibrahim Altun, said:

Acak The cost of the system will hold 250 million pounds. 3 has been planned to be operational in the year. Construction will begin in September or October this year. We applied for a loan to Iller Bank for the light rail line and started the related processes. The entire rail line construction in Turkey gave support to the Provincial Bank. We applied. I don't think there's gonna be a problem. There is an intensive demand from citizens. Everyone's expecting it. We made the necessary planning. We prepare technical specifications. The public also expects a modern transportation service. Turkey has in the big city. We want to put this into service in Diyarbakır. Previously, a light rail line was not foreseen in transport planning. Recent studies have shown that there should be a rail system line. With the increase in population, the light rail system line was a must in Diyarbakır. Iyla

Altun will be a great relief in urban traffic thanks to the line, stressed that the system will increase public public transport service.

. We will do this system, even with our own means. But if the loan demand is approved, our business will be easier, lı said Altun, adding that they want to offer light rail service to citizens with modern urbanism.

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