The Japanese Push the Limits in High Speed ​​Train

Shinkansen high-speed train
Shinkansen high-speed train

Japan brings a new dimension to the rail transport industry. The test drive of the train, which reached a speed of 500 km per hour and did not come into contact with the rails, was successfully carried out in Japan.

Japan, a pioneer in the world of technology, brings a new dimension to the rail transport sector. Japan Central Railways, which has managed to develop the world's fastest train, has allowed trains to reach 500 km per hour, allowing them to move without touching the rails. The wagons without wheels are flying through the magnetic system. Magnetic levitation train (Maglev) called the first test drive of the trains to be used in the technology successfully completed yesterday. Since the friction was reduced to zero on the move, Maglev technology was developed for the first time in 1970, allowing much longer distances to be reached much faster.

The 2027 wagon, which is expected to be commissioned in 16, has a capacity of carrying thousands of passengers. 28 meter-long trains are expected to halve the journey time, while 90 will take 40 minutes between Tokyo and Nagoya, which are currently in XNUMX minutes.

The speed of trains in China is 431 km / hour

In total, the line system of the project, which cost 64 billion dollars, will be completed in 2045. The world that makes Maglev technology for the first time in the world is China. China's high-speed trains, which successfully launched the Shanghai Maglev in 2004, have reached a speed of 431 km per hour.

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