Opening of Railways to Private Sector | The Eye of the World is in TCDD's YHT Pastry

Deutsche Bahn and TCDD
Deutsche Bahn and TCDD

Opening of the railways to the private sector: French, German, Japanese and South Korean giant companies started to compete in the railways to be opened to the private sector. The regulation, which envisions the opening of the railways to the private sector, has mobilized world giants. Deutsche Bahn and SNCF are the most appetizing companies. Thales, Thalys, Mitsubishi and Hyundai Rotem are also looking for new opportunities.

Railways passenger and freight transport will make arrangements with the private sector giants in the world has set its sights on Turkey. According to Aksam, French, German, Japanese and South Korean giant companies have already started to compete to get a share of the pie on the railways that will be opened to the private sector in the field of freight from 2014 and passenger transport after 2018. Germany, where our cooperation on railways started with Haydarpaşa Train Station, which was opened in 1908, is one of the leading countries for high-speed train operations.


Turkey under the spotlight area German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) sözcüs Heiner Spannuth; "Our organization is interested in the opportunities in Turkey. Deutsche Bahn's transport from outside of Germany responsible for part of the DB Arriva, are following developments in Turkey "was release. Since 1995, the German giant company called in Turkey's partnership with DB Schenker Arkas Holding. The 2012 turnover of the group is around 39 billion 300 million dollars.


Japanese and South Korean companies operating in this field are also waiting to work in the field of business administration after privatizations. Mitsubishi, Japan's experienced company in high-speed trains, is also the manufacturer of 126 wagons to be used on the recently opened Başakşehir metro route. In the tenders to be held in the field of freight and passenger transportation, the company plans to use the advantage of being a manufacturer at the same time and become an operator. The South Korean Hyundai Rotem, the manufacturer of the Taksim metro train system, is one of the giant companies in the region in rail systems. Although the company is not an operator, it is one of the most assertive companies in the production of new wagons.


France is another country that seeks opportunities in the field of freight and passenger transport. In the last four years, the French firm Thales has been awarded the tender for the 400 million dollar sign of the Eskişehir high-speed train line. new opportunities under the Turkey office also grows with the group now watching customizations.


Another French company SNCF sets eyes on the Turkey-U.S. Tgv'y speed trains in France and in Europe operating in the region 230 company is preparing to land in Turkey in September. It is known that the company officials made an appointment with the French Ambassador to meet with the officials of TCDD and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. The turnover of SNCF in 2012 is 39.2 billion dollars.


It is known that Thalys, which is known for its high-speed train services in France, Holland and Belgium, has been following the developments carefully. The 62 of Thalys belongs to SNCF and the 10 belongs to Deutsche Bahn.


At the end of the line length 2011 12 thousand in Turkey, it was kilometrar 888 the length of high-speed lines. 2023 to 10 to 2 up to a thousand kilometers to reach the length of the rail, the passenger transport to the share of 10 XNUMX share is planned to rise.

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