Tiny Students toured the Train Museum in Çamlık village

Tiny Students toured the Train Museum in Çamlık village
Second grade students of a private school operating in Torbalı visited the Train Museum in the village of Çamlık in Selçuk district.

The museum, which is located in the train wagon used by Atatürk, was appreciated by the children. School 2. After the event organized under the supervision of the teachers Nüket Sağ, Dilek Mekan and Halime Bostancı, the students went to Pamucak beach in Selçuk district and enjoyed their hearts. The joy of the students playing on the beach was reflected in the eyes.

Expressing that children love the museum very much, teachers said, “The museum is located in Çamlık village on the Selçuk-Aydın road. Turkey's first railway museum which İzmir-Aydın Railway (built 1866-1976) pass from the summerhouse village thus established. 30 steam locomotives made in German, English, French, American, Swedish and Czechoslovakia are exhibited in the museum. Among them is a British-made locomotive that works with wood and there are only 2 in the world. We brought these trains here to introduce them to our students. It was a really beneficial trip. Atatürk came by white train in 1936 and stayed in Çamlık village. A room has been prepared in the museum with photographs of Atatürk taken during his train travels. Our students also had the opportunity to see the wagon that Atatürk was riding closely. They said, "Our trips and visits will continue."


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