Minister Yıldırım: '' Railways have never seen such an investment ''

Minister Yildirim, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Behiç iftar held at Mr. Plant, met with Turkish State Railways employees.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, stating that the Turkish nation has not dropped the crescent-star flag on the ground for more than a thousand years regarding the terrorist incident against soldiers in İzmir Foça, said, “Those who put this in mind and go on this foolish way should come to mind. “Neither they nor their masters nor their guides can bring this great nation, this great country to its knees”.
In his speech after the iftar, Minister Yıldırım stated that TCDD's iftars have become traditional and expressed his happiness to be together with railway workers at iftar.
Railways of the 1,5 is an age-old plane, stating that the Minister Yildirim, railroads at the same time a history, a culture, people's painful, sweet life cross-section that witnessed many events that witnessed a very important organization, he said.
- "Railways are reborn from their ashes" -
Stating that great investments were made in the railways under the leadership of Atatürk in the first years of the Republic, Minister Yıldırım explained that between 1924 and 1946, 4 thousand kilometers of railways were built. Expressing that the railways have begun to be forgotten since 1950, Yıldırım noted that railways, which had a share of 60 percent in freight transport and 50 percent in passenger transportation, fell below 2000 percent in freight transportation and 2 percent in passenger transportation in the 5s.
These rates, even the last 50 railroads of the past year, how much worse, indicating how a negative time Minister Yıldırım, 2003 was a milestone for the railways, he said. Explaining that the railways almost began to rise again from the ashes, Yıldırım said that they have started to work on the railways with a new understanding to carry this country's burden but to become a non-burdened country.
- "Railways have never seen such an investment" -
Expressing that a capacity of 135 kilometers per year has been reached as of today, Yıldırım said that this capacity was at the same level with the railway mobilization in the first years of the Republic. As a result of this study, 13 million tons of cargo that exceeds 25 million tons, Turkey's high-speed train (YHT) stated that the Minister met with the Lightning, he said:
"Do not pass by saying YHT. Turkey, six in Europe, one of the countries that 6 YHT operations in the world. Britain, USA still haven't been able to switch to YHT management. Because they have no infrastructure. Turkey has transformed yht'y of the few countries to share the dream of being in the real world.
As of today, the amount of investments that started and continues in our railways is 20 billion Turkish lira. Railways have never seen such an investment. We completely renewed 65 percent of the lines. We also electrify lines that do not have signalization, lines with signal, and lines without electrification.
Our next goal is to spread the double track application in railways. We always plan new projects like this. Our efforts continue uninterruptedly in order to increase efficiency and to bring the share of railways to a considerable point in transportation again. "
Stating that they have taken important steps for the formation of the domestic railway industry, Minister Yıldırım said, "We started rail manufacturing, we started to produce wagons, locomotives, whatever is needed for the railway transportation infrastructure in our country."
Lightning, modernizing the railways and Turkey have explained the ways of having this technology, explaining the last, Ankara subway train sets in the tender of the 51 domestic condition put the condition reminded.
Expressing that they aim to increase the railway network to more than 2023 thousand kilometers in 25, Yıldırım said, "Railway is the survival, independence and indispensable part of this country." Minister Yıldırım stated that all developments were achieved thanks to the railway employees who owned the projects and thanked the railway employees.

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