Theft at TÜVASAŞ

Theft at TÜVASAŞ
Turkey Wagon Industry aş.'n the Sakarya (TÜVASAŞ) claimed they stole expensive copper material from the factory 3şüphel caught red-handed. It was determined that the suspects stole 150 pieces of material with a market value of 49 lira. The moment of theft and the capture of the suspects were viewed on security cameras.

TÜVASAŞ officials, the factory on various dates of continuous stealing of copper materials on the situation reported to the police. Then the Sakarya Security Directorate Directorate of Public Security Branch Office teams put the security camera on the part of the theft. SA and Ö.K., who were reported to have entered the factory as a visitor, were caught red-handed after stealing copper materials.
14 pieces of copper material on the basis of the information given by the suspects stolen previously stolen 35 pieces of copper material were seized from the dealer.

It was suggested that the factory reported that 600 pieces of copper were stolen to the police. SA, Ö.K. and a scrap dealership claimed to have received stolen materials.

The moment of theft and the capture of the suspects were recorded by security cameras.

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