Fast train challenge to Samsuna

Fast train challenge to Samsuna
All SamBir high speed train to Samsun kazanHe decided to initiate effective lobbying in bureaucracy and political circles in order to Union Chairman Kozal said, “We have three elections ahead of us. Whoever takes ownership of our project, the people of Samsun will stand by him.”
Organized with the participation of Ankara Samsun Associations Federation (ASDEF) and the All Samsun Confederation, Federation and Association of Associations (TümSamBir), the 4th "Great Samsun Meeting" was held in Ankara. At the meeting held with the participation of hundreds of Samsun residents from various regions of the country, it was decided to conduct effective and effective lobbying activities in all areas in order to meet Samsun with high-speed train.

Stating that there are more than 200 associations and thousands of affiliated members from Samsun, which are organized in various regions of the country under the umbrella of the Union of All Samsun Associations, General President Remzi Kozal said, “Our goal is to bring the high-speed train to the homeland as soon as possible. As Samsun residents abroad, we took the high-speed train to Samsun as a new road map. kazanWe agreed on the issue. We have three important choices before us. Whoever supports Samsun's high-speed train project, we will be by their side. As Samsun, we will use our strength and support in that direction, and we are firmly determined in this regard.”


Remzi Kozal, Chairman of the Union of All Samsun Associations, who said that they held their meeting this year especially on the Konya road, said, “This year our meeting was held on the Konya road. This means that people living in Ankara can go to Konya during the day by high-speed train, visit Mevlana and return. With the same point of view, we say that those living in Ankara should go to Samsun in 2 hours by high-speed train, and see the Bandırma Ferry, Ilkadım City, the Black Sea, and the deltas. Let them visit the capital of the Amazons and come back. For this reason, we want the high-speed train to be in Samsun as soon as possible. KazanThe high-speed train we will build will add value to the economy, trade and tourism of our country. It will also pave the way for more efficient use of our Plains.”

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