Turks Will Repair Libyan Railways

libya railway
libya railway

Turks will repair the railways in Libya: The Express Train Company, established by Libya State Railways, has agreed with a firm in Kocaeli to jointly run railroad projects in the country.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held in Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Yapı Tek Çelik Sanayi A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Günay Köse stated that the railway works in Libya have just begun, and that the repair of the 2-kilometer railway line in the country, which was damaged in the war, has been repaired.

Expressing that Express Train Company was established to manage projects in mechanical fields and has 600 employees, Köse noted that the firm, which stopped its activities when the war started, restarted its work.

Stating that they will sign an agreement to make joint projects both in the field of production and construction, Köse said, "We will provide consultancy services to them, and we will take both the machine, technical knowledge and manpower to carry out the projects we will receive from the state."

Turkey's standards, European levels

Express Train Company General Manager Muhammed Siala stated that there is much to do to reconstruct Libya and stated that they will do this by getting help from all friendly countries in the world.

Emphasizing that they want to make Libya a more democratic, respectful to human rights and happy country and they are hopeful in this regard, Siala expressed that they see the agreement they made as a step in this way.

Siala, Turkey's increasing growth in Europe is due to the level of standards and have similar cultures and Libya told us they wanted to work with Turkish companies.

Pointing out that the new Turkish firms started to come to the region after the war, Siala said that the number of Turkish companies will increase day by day.

After the speeches, Siala and Kose signed a cooperation agreement.

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