3. Passengers from the airport will fly expensive

  1. Passengers from the airport will fly expensive
    Pegasus General Manager Sertac Haybat, Ataturk Airport, the airport tax 28 pounds, the new airport will be made at the third airport 48 pound, he said. Acak The passengers will fly more expensive, Hay he said.

Pegasus Airlines launched a flight to Barcelona, ​​Spain, as the 41st destination in international flights.

General Manager Sertaç Haybat, who evaluated the recent developments in aviation in the meeting organized for this purpose, commented on the effects of the third airport which was tendered shortly before.

According to the news of Zafer Özcan from today's newspaper; Haybat said, “This is actually the second airport since Atatürk Airport will be closed. But it is a pity to shut down an enormous facility like Atatürk ”.

Emphasizing that the high price to be paid to the new airport will eventually be out of the consumer's pocket, Haybat made the following assessment: “The field tax, which is 28 TL in Atatürk, is 48 TL in this project. This affects the others. For example, before the tender, it was 29 TL in Sabiha Gökçen and now it was 36 TL. Passengers will fly dearly. "

Stating that it is not yet clear whether they will take part in the new port or not, Haybat gave the information that “If Atatürk stayed, we would definitely be there”.

Stating that turning Atatürk Airport into a green area is not as easy as it seems, Haybat said that this requires the necessary investment for a new airport.

Haybat also criticized THY's attitude towards international flights once again.

Stating that since 2009, THY has put international flights from Sabiha Gökçen at the same time as Pegasus and sold the same line at a cheaper price than Atatürk, Haybat said that this destroyed the competition. Haybat also called the aviation authority on this matter.


In the recent public offering, Haybat said that the shares showed better performance than they had expected, and that part of the money from the new aircraft would be used to correct the company's cash situation.

The company's flight to Athens, which will fly to Doha as the 42nd point, will also begin on June 29th.

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