Giant projects revived the European Side! The value of the houses in the region has multiplied

Giant projects revive the European Side! The value of the houses in the region has been doubled: Mega projects implemented in Istanbul have also affected the housing sector. Giant projects have increased real estate prices in some regions.
With the 3rd airport, Marmaray, 3rd bridge, Northern Marmara Motorway and metro investments in Istanbul, housing prices have doubled in some regions of Istanbul.
Once upon a time, with the housing, office, hotel and shopping mall projects, the Press Express Road, the epicenter of industry and media, is taking on a brand new identity. Combining Atatürk Airport, E-5, TEM and the coast road, Sefaköy Halkalı - Güneşli line continues its rapid rise by using the advantage of location. 30 thousand houses are being built in 13 new branded projects on the axis of the region defined as the Prestige Service Area and Central Business Area in the Istanbul Strategic Plan. Basın Ekspres Yolu is expected to be an alternative center to Büyükdere Caddesi, which runs along the Levent - Maslak line in the medium term. With the increase in demand, in the areas surrounding Basın Ekspres Yolu, the price of 2011 thousand liras of residences in 2 has increased to 6 thousand 500 liras today.
Zeytinburnu-Bakırköy-Ataköy will rival Bosphorus
The face of the region is changing with the residence projects implemented on the Zeytinburnu-Bakırköy-Ataköy line, which is one of the important addresses of luxury projects in Istanbul in recent years.
With the opening of the coast line to zoning, luxury projects are rising even after each other, which has become a new project development zone. The region, which will have a new appearance in the lands sold by the Privatization Administration and TOKİ, on the lands of Emlak Konut and TOBB, and the private sector's own properties, will compete with the Bosphorus with its sea view. Foreign investors are also interested in the region, where the prices of residential square meters vary from 15 to 25 thousand pounds.
Transportation doping to Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule-Kayaşehir
Yavuz Sultan will experience his second spring due to being on Selim Bridge and the third airport route. It is foreseen to be preferred by airlines, pilots and hostesses. The premium performance of over 30 projects under construction in the region is expected to continue in the coming period. In the region, where the population is expected to triple in the next 10 years, square meter prices start from 4 liras.
Prices doubled
MASLAK: It is located in a popular location right next to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Istanbul Ring Road. Due to the increasing need for qualified housing in the region, which is the favorite address of office investments in Istanbul, many branded housing projects have been implemented in recent years. While the prices in the region were at the level of 2012 thousand liras in 4, they saw 15 thousand liras today. Within the scope of urban transformation works, if an agreement can be reached with the rights holders in Atatürk Auto Industry Site, new housing projects in the region will rise.
SEYRANTEPE: With the move of factories and the sale of public land, the region has gained a new look in the last few years. Housing prices in the region on the basis of square meter saw the level of 18 thousand pounds. With the decrease of the land inventory, the change is expected to shift into Ayazaga. Currently, the construction of luxury projects such as Vadistanbul, Skyland Istanbul, Nidapark Seyrantepe and Nurol Life continues.
KAĞITHANE: The district is in a location where residential, office investments and comprehensive mixed projects are rising. In qualified projects, the square meter price of the houses has reached the level of 7 liras. Due to the limited land stock, the number of urban transformation projects has increased. Especially in areas close to Büyükdere Street, single or two-block residence-type buildings are rising. Branded housing producers continue their negotiations for transformation in the district where there are 500 new projects.
Topkapı-Merter-Yenibosna became the premium line
The significant depletion of land stock in Istanbul led the builders to urban transformation in the city center. While small firms are renewing individual buildings, large-scale real estate companies are developing projects on old factory lands. A similar transformation of the industrial areas that took place in the past years on the Maslak-Seyrantepe - Kağıthane axis has been taking place in the Topkapı - Merter - Ataköy line recently. Public transportation vehicles such as tramway, metro and metrobus, new projects are being implemented one after the other in the region, which attracts the attention of branded housing and office manufacturers with its proximity to the airport. The unit price of residential square meter in the region varies between 5 thousand and 12 thousand liras.

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