Bozüyükte Logistics Center Information Meeting

Bozüyükte Logistics Center Information Meeting
TCDD 1st Regional Deputy Manager Sağlam stated that TCDD has made serious investments in terms of both passenger and freight transportation in the last 10 years.
In his speech at the informative meeting about the "logistics center" organized by the Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) in a hotel hall, Sağlam stated that the logistics center to be built in the city has been tendered and the site delivery has been made, and that the contract is planned to be completed in March 2014.
In the center of Bozuyuk, they said they were doing their job hoping to do more than they wanted to do, and said:
“TCDD has been making serious investments in terms of both passenger and freight transportation in the last 10 years. In the last 10 years, our investment items have increased more than 20 times. In other words, there are TCDD investments ranging from 200-300 million TL to 5 billion TL today. These investments will continue. According to the plans of the organization, these investments will continue until 2023, without falling down. There are certain goals in passenger and freight transport. In freight transport, there is a transport target of approximately 10 times the transport we do today. In order to do this, we need to supply load centers, new roads, certain infrastructures, so that the industrialist can come and carry out the transportation. Bozüyük logistics center is one of them. I hope we will reveal it as soon as possible and serve the region. We will go to the Gündüzbey region from our own corridor towards Eskişehir direction from the TCDD route, which we left about 8 kilometers old in connection with Bozüyük station. In the area before the OIZ, we expropriated approximately 300 thousand square meters of land that borders the highways. We will constitute our station here. We will constitute our load center there, including the loading and unloading areas, highways and loading ramp. We will shift the operations we do in Bozüyük there. "
Bozüyük TSO President Habib Esel reported that the room is ready to do everything falling on the center of the logistics.
Bozüyük TSO Assembly President Osman Tekeli and representatives of industrial organizations operating in the region attended the meeting.

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