34 Istanbul

Tramway Expeditions in Istanbul

Tram Expeditions in Istanbul Aksadı Due to the puddle formed at the tram stop after the effective rainfall in Istanbul CevizliTram services between Bağ-Zeytinburnu could not be made for a while. In the statement made by Istanbul Transportation Inc., Kabataş- Bağcılar tram line takes place at the Akşemsettin stop. [more…]


Sarıgölde Traffic Accident 1 Dead

One person died in the traffic accident that occurred in Sarıgöl. The truck with 51 R 35 plate under the management of Halil I. (0028), carrying the corn loaded from Denizli Turkish Grain Board (TMO) to Manisa Soil Products Office (TMO), was traveling on Buldan-Sarıgöl highway, [more…]


Mersin Konya Karaman Mersin Logistics Meeting

Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, if broke the record in the history of Turkey republic in exports in 2012, the total foreign trade volume performs as stated by 450 billion dollars has already reached its logistics infrastructure, "such export records with logistic infrastructure in 2002, the [more…]


Minister Yıldırım said that we did not tell our people any project that we could not bring to life

Minister Yıldırım said we did not tell our people about any projects that we could not bring to life. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım gave information to media managers about the developments in the field of transportation. Statements on the topics on the agenda, from railway investments to the construction of the third bridge [more…]

81 Japan

Fast Train 20 in Japan

High Speed ​​Train in Japan Taken Off for 20 Kurus The 300-ton high-speed train, which can speed 715 kilometers per hour in Japan, has been taken out of service for 20 cents. According to the news published in Japan's best-selling Yomiuri newspaper, [more…]

06 Ankara

Ambassador of Pakistan prefers YHTyi

Pakistan Ambassador Preferred YHT Diplomats are still interested in YHTs, which significantly shorten the transportation time between the capital Ankara, Eskişehir and Konya and provide fast, safe and comfortable travel to their passengers. Mohammed, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Ankara [more…]


Railway Line Support Project 21

Railway Line Support Project goes to Kayseri on 21st April Within the scope of the Railway Line Support Project carried out by Bilkent University students as part of the social responsibility project, activities will be held at Saraycık Primary School in İncesu, Kayseri. Social activities by Bilkent University students [more…]


ADARAYda can travel by bicycle

While the stations built between Adapazarı Arifiye within the scope of the Urban Rail System works implemented by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, which can be traveled on ADARAY by bicycle, the train sets are being prepared for the day of departure at TÜVASAŞ. ADARAY flights will start very soon. [more…]

35 Izmir

MHP Torbalı District Presidency İZBAN Criticism

İZBAN Criticism from MHP Torbalı District Presidency In the press conference of MHP Torbalı District Presidency this time, the main agenda item was local problems. Evaluating İZBAN and the local government that will extend to the district, MHP Torbalı District President Yurdadoğ Mutlu said, “ [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankaray Crying

Ankaray Crying The water leak that occurred at the Ankaray - Tandoğan station drew the reaction of the citizen. It was stated that citizens who frequently use the Tandoğan station have difficulty reaching the train due to water leakage. As a precaution, use only water buckets. [more…]

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