Crushed Gravel

In Gazipaşa district, a car that got out of control due to the gravel on the road hit the middle median borders and rolled over. The accident occurred at the intersection of D400 highway Kahyalar town Gazipaşa Airport. [more…]

43 Austria

Ski Resorts in Austria

Austria is the most popular ski country in Europe. It is famous for its modern ski centers, technical equipment, tracks as well as entertainment places and hotels. Delicious food, live music on the track [more…]


A day on the High Speed ​​Train

We followed Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan for the opening ceremony of Eskişehir-Konya High Speed ​​Line on Saturday one day on the High Speed ​​Train. On the way from Ankara to Eskişehir at a speed of 252 km [more…]


We now export rail to the world

Now we are exporting rails to the world Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Road is civilization, railways are civilization. These show the distance we have traveled. It is not possible to be civilized in words, it will be through action. [more…]

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