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Ukome will solve the traffic with the cable car and the trolleybus!

Metropolitan Municipality has completed many important projects that will not be denied from infrastructure to treatment facilities, from Gulf cleaning to bridged intersections and from environmental and coastal arrangements to greening.

But the promises made in the transportation were not kept, the problem of urban traffic was not solved, the priority demands of the society were permanently postponed.

The bir brand and prestige projects ”that will make Kocaeli a modern, modern, model city have been either abandoned or forgotten.

However, President Karaosmanoglu, 29 March 2009 local elections before the ”5 Year After Today bey with the slogan declaring the statement,“ 29 March 2009 5 year will be completed. Our goal is to complete our ongoing investments in the second stage, to enter into transformative giant projects. We'll take bigger steps with your support, we'll make great distances. Dest

He believed in Izmit voter Karaosmanoğlu and even though he was a close share, he had handed it over to AK Party.

In the 4 we left behind, President Karaosmanoğlu did not keep his promises to the citizen, didn't realize any brand projects he promised by disappointing his low performance.


In the 29 March 2009 Election Declaration of Mayor Karaosmanoğlu, a- Designed, prepared, planned, ready to be implemented ”projects” monorail eye Yarimca-Dolince, Izmit M.Ali Pasha-Kaptan, Çayır village route will be installed on the 24 kilometer line but was not established.

It was said that olmadı Raybüs daha and Gebze -Maşukiye would be faster and more comfortable.

20 has been promised to open the car to the owners of the indoor and outdoor car park for a thousand cars, but it is not even the foundation of the araç Closed Parking ın.

Inside, a thousand 500 congress and theater hall, a thousand people 360 degree rotating restaurant and cruise tower, 600 seminar hall, art gallery, private meeting rooms will be composed of "Crystal Convention Center" was promised but forgotten.

City icon, heart, wealth Meydan City Square bi project was shelved.

He was not able to host ”Sports Fields cak which would host the Olympics and host the world's athletes.

Photos of sekapark in Instagram Account 2. in the stage of freedom, science center, paper museum, photo museum, printing museum, technology base, electronic and classic library promises could be made only esi Science Center merkezi tender.


Mayor Karaosmanoğlu, who abandoned projects such as Monorail, Railroad, Convention Center, Town Square, Storey Car Park and Museums, is determined in Meydan Teleferik Project Mon.

The sonra ropeway Cami, which was planned to be established between Sekapark-Topçular-Umuttepe and later planned as Sekapark- Orhan Mosque, which is planned to be established between the Pazar Pazarı-Cedit Erenler, will relieve urban traffic as an alternative transportation!

Even the ropeway, known as the city of ropeways, is not used as an alternative means of transport to relieve urban traffic, while Karaosmanoglu is resisting to establish a ropeway line on public transportation vehicle routes.

Beloved President Karaosmanoğlu believes that the ropeway should be a must for Kocaeli and he will relieve the traffic in the city. He can give up his cowshed and do his ropeway by making it to Kartepe, which is located in the Winter Sports Center as it is all over the world.

No, "the most appropriate route for the cable car, Thursday Citi Erenler between" and the public believes that the public, "cable car, Thursday Bazaar-Cedit Erenler between the board or Kartepe Winter Sports Center?" Ask the question.

Are you willing to make the cable car to Kartepe or Thursday in line with the answer of the citizen?


I couldn't believe it when President Karaosmanoğlu read the news that the traffic congestion in Izmit will be solved by trolleybus.

I asked dear Ömer Polat, ama Sir, President Bey has made such a statement, but it is not certain, it is being investigated, Sevgili he said.

Trolleybus, which was established in the Berlin suburb of 1882 for the first time in the world, arrived at 1947 in Ankara, at 1954 in Izmir, at 1960 in Istanbul and was abolished in 1970.

In the world, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in slow motion, removed from the traffic on the grounds that the trolley bus 2013 will be run in Izmit in the year!

I do not know if the idea of ​​the trolleybus belongs to the ve Transport Master Plan ın, which is stored as a state secret and which cannot be disclosed to the public.

Approximately 60 thousand passengers per day to the Umuttepe moved to the second-class citizens who see the move of the audience of the passengers of the Metropolitan Municipality of the UKOME'nin, Yahya Captain to travel in more comfortable vehicles raised by the idea of ​​the idea of ​​the trolleybus ignorance.

In the 1960 years when I was a university student, the trolleybus we call. Horned isi is a separate issue between Sekapark and Yahya Kaptan.

President Karaosmanoğlu and his team can not solve the problem of urban traffic in İzmit until the election, if they can not say that they can solve the traffic problem in Izmit with the monorail, railroad, tram, metrobus, trolleybus.

Izmit, according to the Mayor of the eye, shouting shakes the CHP.

Even Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan cannot save the AK Party, which doesn't relieve the traffic in Izmit city and mocked the Izmit voter.

If the CHP shows some candidates, the city will persuade, the city will convince the ın Urban traffic and transportation ğı project with the 2004 and 2009, the AK Party, the mayor of Izmit Izmit and the CHP flag in the year after 10 sutures Belsa.

Tell me to say and remind me.

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