Samsun Light Rail System Project

An agreement of 5 million Euros was signed with the Chinese company CNR for the supply of 7,5 vehicles. - Some of the vehicles will be delivered in 2013. The expected contract for the supply of 1 vehicles for the Light Rail System Project of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the first phase of which was completed by the Italian Ansaldo and Breda Consortium led by Alsim Alarko, and the project work is currently being carried out to extend the line to Belediyeevleri, 5 December 17 signed on.

Chinese company CNR kazanIn the tender we announced (2012/100126), the legal objection period was completed in the second week of December. While it is determined that no objections were received to the tender during this period, it is determined that the Metropolitan Municipality invited the company to sign a contract.

The contract, which was expected on December 17, 2012, was signed at the ceremony held at Samsun Transportation Inc. General Directorate (Samulaş), after the Chinese company completed its preparations to sign the contract. The signing was signed by Dr. When Yu Weiping and Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz were appointed, the manufacturing process was initiated with the signatures.
14 contract 42 meters 5 more than a month after the train convoy future:

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz, in his speech at the ceremony, stated that the number of rail system vehicles will increase to 5 with 21 trams and said, “New vehicles are needed due to increasing passenger demand and capacity. With the contract, 14 more 42-meter train convoys will come after 5 months. But our Chinese friends are very hardworking and productive. They will deliver in less than 14 months. " used the expressions.

CNR General Manager Yu Weiping stated that they will strictly comply with the contract, specifications, commitments, maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts and services, and that they were established in 1881 and produced 8 types of railway vehicles, and that they export rail system vehicles to 20 countries in every continent of the world. . Noting that they are one of the best companies in the world in this regard and that they have broken many firsts and records, General Manager Yu Weiping stated that they will make the best of the chance given and provide the best service to Samsun with their experience.

Part of the vehicles will be delivered in 2013:

According to the terminal program, the production of the first of the vehicles, which will be 40-44 meters long according to the technical specifications of the Municipality, is started immediately. In 2013 it is determined that some of the vehicles will be delivered. Chinese companies, car Samsun Light Rail Route Station Train Station Area İlkadım / Samsun / Turkey to address; 'INCOTERMS 2000 DDU will deliver according to delivery type.
As is known, there is the existing 16 tram in the Samsun Light Rail System, each of which has an 32 meter length.

Metro's 1. Alsim-Ansaldo-Breda Consortium undertook the construction of the stage:
As it will be remembered, the 1st stage construction tender of Samsun Metro was awarded. kazanA ceremony was held in Samsun on 105,9 June 23 for the 2008 million Euro turnkey contract signed between the Alsim Alarko-Ansaldo-Breda Consortium and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

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