The car was suspended on BRT barriers

An interesting accident occurred in the direction of the D-100 Highway Topkapı metrobus in Istanbul.
According to information obtained, the clock 17: 15 ranks D-100 Highway In the direction of Topkapı 16 CKN 08 plate driver's car allegedly lost control of the vehicle due to a sudden lane-changing vehicle.
The 34 BK 4187 plate, which was driving in the same direction, hit the side of the van. Out of control, the minibus was thrown and hit the BRT barriers. The side-up minibus was hanging on the barriers separating the Metrobus road.
Ambulance and police teams were dispatched to the scene due to the accident. While the car driver survived the accident without injury, a person was found wounded and taken to the hospital with an ambulance.
The traffic on the road to the Metrobus due to the accident was provided by a single lane about half an hour. After the removal of the minibus and the car involved in the crash, the traffic returned to normal.

Source: Mail



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