Istanbul BRT

Snow in Istanbul, which increases the severity of places, metrobus did not cause any disruption in flights. Most of the citizens left their car at home and preferred the means of public transport.
In the morning, the snowfall starts increasing the effect of snowfall. Due to snowfall, there were no disruptions in metrobus flights, while citizens preferred to use public transportation instead of their own vehicles. Municipal teams, sidewalks, overpasses and stairs made salting work. A citizen who prefers metrobus, bırakmak We had to leave our vehicle at home. We are trying to transport minibuses with buses to minibuses. We have to use public transport. I'm going to Sariyer. I'm gonna get out of there again. They say the roads are worse. That's what we're going to do, we're out with our own vehicles. Yap
Hüseyin Alan, who sells pretzels in Zincirlikuyu, said that it is difficult to earn labor money in the snow, saying, Alan We have to earn bread money. We have to drive home bread. I'm trying to warm up my feet by the Black Sea horon. We are trying to win bread in winter in this snow. Bu

Source: UAV



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