Public Transport Call From IMM Against School Traffic

call for collective transport against school traffic
call for collective transport against school traffic

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) 2019-2020 President Ekrem İmamoğlu explaining the measures taken for the education year, public transportation will provide free service and service vehicles will carry the parents who want the first day, he said. Imamoğlu called for citizens to use public transportation and said, İstanbul We will show to Istanbul residents that we are a very pleasant educational city with the cooperation. Bir

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu held a press conference at the Maltese Pavilion in Beşiktaş and told about the measures taken for the 9-2019 Education Year which will start in September.

Ekrem İmamoğlu wished that the new school year would be beneficial to students, data and all teachers. “Istanbul has more students than the population of many cities in the world. Close to 3 million students will start school. When we include our university students who will start their education soon, Istanbul hosts a total of over 3 million 800 thousand students. A city with such an intensive student is counted in the world. At this point, to be very cautious, understanding each other nationally, to follow the rules, such as monday, monday, rather than an unbearable day, the joy of the beginning of school children can turn into a day we live.


Underlining that IMM and the Governorate, Security and Gendarmerie jointly took measures in cooperation with traffic in the whole of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said:

Sefer The number of flights will be increased in all our transportation vehicles from IETT buses to metrobus, rail system to sea road. We have made public transportation between 9: 06-00: 14 free of charge to our fellow citizens in Istanbul in September. We encourage the use of public transportation. The free public transportation service provided by our students and their parents to schools will reduce the number of individual vehicles on the traffic. Therefore, they will reduce the traffic load and make people's lives easier. IETT will pass the winter schedule due to the opening of schools. Bus and metrobus service will be increased to a very high level. With the increase in the number of flights of Metro Istanbul, we will add 00 thousand 4 thousand additional passenger capacity to the existing system.


Imamoglu emphasized that all relevant institutions and IMM units will be vigilant on the first 3 day in AKOM in order to provide fluent traffic opportunity. Imamoglu emphasized that the maidens will also carry parents who want to accompany their children while taking students to school on 9 September Monday. am I think this will make a valuable contribution to reducing the traffic load. Our citizens will go to school with their children without using their individual vehicles and will come back with the service. ”


Imamoglu stated that the parking lot of the service vehicles on the roads caused problems with the intensity of the first day and therefore 118 SPARK parking garage around the school announced that 9 will provide free service to the vehicles on Monday. İmamoğlu stated that as IMM, they make serious pedestrian crossings in the vicinity of schools and make ready pedestrian crossings.


Imamoglu pointed out that, as a result of a joint study with the Provincial Health Directorate of IMM, they have subjected the drivers who apply for public transport vehicles to strict inspection, and said: I would like to announce to Istanbul residents that we are cautious in the name of creating safe transportation opportunities for our children. Our service vehicles and rooms are also very sensitive in this regard. ”


İmamoğlu stated that the most important issue in traffic is the fact that the problems will not be solved completely with the measures taken and continued: ım I have to say that it is important that our fellow countrymen should be very sensitive to the process. We want our parents to pay great attention to the drivers when our children use the roads in the rush of the first day. I would like our citizens who do not have to use their own vehicle to avoid parking in a hurry. If we maintain such sensitivity at the highest level, we would have experienced a day where we would say hello to a really joyful, excited children, and a beautiful education period. Please follow the rules. I hope to cooperate with 9 in September and throughout the whole academic year. I wish all our education community, students and parents to be beneficial for the new period. I want us to have a good education. Because education means our children and young people. Together we have to improve their conditions and do good work on this. ”



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