Galip Uzuncanin Mudanya Train Travel Memories

Dr Galip Uzuncanin Mudanya Train Travel Memories
The second witness, the poet. Galip Uzunca Bey (D.1922) about the Mudanya voyage, the pre-train train and the train memoirs:
Bursa-Mudanya Line before the train
In I belong to one of the well-established families of Bursa. Ecdadım, Murat Hüdâvendigâr
In the period, they came to Bursa with the second largest Turkish migration. As you know, the first major Turkish migrations were conquered with the time of Orhangazi.
My grandfather, who died in 1935 in 80, according to Ali Uzunların, from Bursa to Mudanya, 150 was a full forest year ago. In the winters, the 2.5-3 meters falling snow, at least 3 months, do not stand up.
Hunters in this area in the winter, hunting deer. 3 meters for the deer who live under the snow, tree bottoms would be shelter. Deer; Breathing the snow at the tree bottom with their breath, they create living areas, until they start to get up, they would be left out of here. Avcılar, to take them alive, they did not miss this opportunity: five-six-person fighter groups, special pulleys on the feet of the walk on the snow, with special rope ladders, deer were approached by trees. Two people from the group climbed down the ladder and down to the bottom of the tree, while others held the ladder upwards, so they would catch the deer alive. Grup
Transportation between Mudanya and Bursa
Orum Again, I tell my grandfather. At that time, between Bursa and Mudanya, there was no motor vehicle, Mudanya Train line has not been built yet. Like my grandfather, the young people who are interested in transportation have two Mıchis. (These breeders were brought from Egypt, called Mısşeþı.) They came from home, in the morning to one of the donkey ride, half of the road (in Bademli) change their donkey, so they continue their way to Mudanya.
During lunch, one of the passengers they took from the ferry to a donkey, the other one, they ride themselves Bursa. The average, 6 hour, donkey transport business, so they continue.
Likewise, owners of horse carts change their horses on the Bademli ramp. In the meantime, the sleepers, waking in Bademli, dik We came to Almond Bademli ”they say, over time this sentence has become idiom, has been used for those who do not listen well.
Already, at that time, the population of our province, 70 bin, but the 30 thousand inhabitants lived in the center, the vast majority lived in villages.
18 June In 1892 the sultan II. In the time of Abdülhamit, when the Mudanya Train was put into service, a special ferrule was established as a vineyard-garden for the people to plant in Mudanya. To provide fuel to the train, the forests in the area have been plundered. Of course, at the time, the hard coal was not known. Tab
Mudanya Train in Memories:
Orum I remember that famous Mudanya train. Rails were narrower than normal trains. Wagon windows were closed in winter and open in summer. After years, 1967-68'de, in France during the years, Bordeaux-Bordeaulese, 40 kilometers, I saw the same period of the train made in the same period. According to the results of my French colleagues and then the encyclopedic research, I realized that these trains were made by the same company on the same dates.
In this context, I also expressed that. Between Bordeaux and Bordeaules, there is an excellent highway and the Garon River, where even large cargo ships can easily travel. Despite this, the train was still running in those years. Unfortunately, the train was unloaded at 1948, leaving unforgettable memories behind.
The speed of the Mudanya Train was not much, sometimes with the 5-6 wagon, sometimes with the 15-16 wagon every morning, from Bursa to Mudanya, and in the evenings, from Mudanya to Bursa.
When the 15-16 went by wagon, the train slowed down on the hill of Tepedevrent, and sometimes the passengers would jump off the train, grab the watermelon from the nearby fields and ride the train again.
Before the canal was built, in the winter months, the Bursa Plain was often flooded. Today, Hürriyet Neighborhood, Soğukkuyu and Paşa Farm, would almost return to the lake. According to the precipitation status of the air, 3-5 would be continued for days, sometimes for a week and ten days. Of course, the train service was also canceled. In those days the bus service was not very popular. Hele, Bursa-Yalova line would not even mention.
Finally, between the 1930-32, Nilüfer Bridge and Yunuseli route was made in the channel, the flooding was prevented, train services were misfiring.
The journey with the Mudanya train would sometimes last as long as the 1.5 hour, and sometimes the 2.5 hour, but the pleasure of the journey was completely different, I can never forget eni.

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