Philadelphia State Subway Station Sets for Horror Moments

William Clark, who was reported to be homeless in a subway station in Philadelphia, USA, punched the young woman and dragged him to the rails by foot, taking his cell phone. Seconds second security camera was reflected in the incident after the attacker was arrested and taken into custody.
William Clark, who was reported to be homeless in the incident on Tuesday afternoon at the Philadelphia subway, sat down on the bench, approached the young woman waiting for the subway and asked for a fire. While unnamed woman took out his lighter, Clark started punching the young woman. Clark then grabbed her by the legs and dragged her onto the tracks. The assailant walked away from the scene after she took the woman's phone. Injured young woman came out of the tracks by their own means.

Acting upon her complaint, police detained William Clark two days later.

As the assailant was arrested, Thomas Nestel, Police Chief of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, said that it was a miracle that the train had not arrived and that the young woman had not suffered an electric current on the tracks.

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