Knitting of Bursa with Iron Nets Continues Day and Night

Feverish Work on Bursa City Square Sculpture Tram Road
Feverish Work on Bursa City Square Sculpture Tram Road

The knitting of Bursa with iron nets continues day and night: While the rails in the inner city ring line, where Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will connect the city center with modern transportation, are being laid day and night with feverish work, local tradesmen and citizens stated that Altıparmak has regained its former charm with the construction of the tram and the improvement of the facade. They thanked Mayor Altepe.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has stepped into the brand city goal step by step with its investments that bring transportation to Bursa, continues its efforts to build the city with iron nets. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, the city center, which will provide comfortable transportation and Kent Square, Stadium, Altiparmak, Sculpture, Inonu and Uluyol streets, including T1 line on the ongoing work on the floor of the railway surveyed Altiparmak. BURULAS General Manager Levent Fidansoy'dan Altiparmak stage of information about the last position of the President Altepe, said that the work was completed day and night to be completed as soon as possible. President Altepe, Ulu Street, Darmstadt, Stadium Street, Altiparmak and the famous street direction they intend to complete the ongoing work in a short time, said: ve We make every effort to prevent disruption of work. Our teams work day and night. 15 has been working on the tracks in Altıparmak with large-scale works. We will carry these works to the Sahabettin Pasha Mosque, to Çatalfır's stops. We are aiming to complete the most challenging stage on Atatürk Street in 1 months. Atatürk

The face of Altıparmak is changing

Altappmak explained that they have started to work on the facade of the buildings in Altparmak Street. The work on the facade in the streets of Atatürk and the Republic continues in Altıparmak. Atatürk

Stating that “Bursa takes on a modern city vision”, President Altepe stated that, thanks to the works that will bring modern transportation to the city center, odorless, smokeless, electric and modern trams will be used in the city center. Noting that the work will be completed in a short time, President Altepe thanked the citizens for their patience.

N It is ingratitude not to see services “

A citizen who says that the city has become a modern state due to the works of the Metropolitan Municipality said, modern May Allah be pleased with you and our Prime Minister. It is ungrateful not to see these services. Iyle He said that he prayed to President Altepe every day. The regional shopkeepers said that Altiparmak has gradually re-opened its former charm with tram construction and facade sanitation.

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