YHT stress on Kocaeli Beach Road

The shortage of the High Speed ​​Train YHT ground excavation and line laying works, which are mainly ongoing in the İzmit Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Beach road section, continues. During the excavations, the contractor firm's destruction of the garden walls of the surrounding buildings and the fact that it will enter the private property areas further increased the tension.
During the work of the contractor firm YHT, some sites around the route, began to demolish the garden walls of the apartment building yesterday increased the tension. Residents of Çoruh, Doğuş, Işıl, Pireli, and SSBirlik Apartment and the administrators opposed attempts to break down the private garden walls of the contractor and enter the private property area. When the company wants to cut trees in the garden, apartment managers Birol Yilmaz, Ismail Yazici, Hakan Turan, Sadettin Yilmaz said they would not allow. citizens who react to this situation, müteahhit Without expropriation, the contractor company enters our private land. He's trying to do a demolition. Could it be something like that? Böyle
TCDD Regional Director Hasan Gedikli came to the scene upon the tension of the environment and tried to explain the situation to the citizens.
Gedikli said that they had to break down the garden walls, edi The rails are passing through your apartment garden zero point. Let's do the wall. Plan, made, drawn, Plan he said. Convinced by the apartment managers after the short-term tension, Hasan Gedikli said that it is not possible for the state to harm anyone's property.

Source: ÖzgürKocaeli



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