Crazy project of TCDD: Ankara-Istanbul will be 3 hours

Karaman said, 'We are planning to connect Ankara-Istanbul directly over the 3rd Bridge. Then the trip is reduced to 1.5 hours. It costs about 10 billion dollars. '
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman announced the government's crazy project. Karaman, Istanbul-Ankara between the 3 hour to download the high-speed train line said.
Süleyman Karaman, General Manager of State Railways (TCDD), told Sabah newspaper about the government's three "crazy projects" about the train line.
"Crazy Project"
Karaman said, “We are planning to connect Ankara-Istanbul directly over the 3rd Bridge. Then the trip is reduced to 1.5 hours. Its cost is approximately 10 billion dollars. So high. For this reason, we chose to build the $ 4 billion Eskişehir connection in the first place. We will connect between Istanbul and Ankara from Eskişehir. However, we want to realize the Ankara-Istanbul project, ”he said.
Explaining that the line that will connect Ankara-Istanbul at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour goes through Eskişehir, Karaman said that the project will be completed at the end of 2013 and the travel time between the two provinces will be reduced to 2014 hours from 3.
Court delayed 4 years
Answering questions about why the high-speed train between Ankara and Istanbul was delayed, Karaman said in the tender they held in 2003 that the model that foreign investors applied with the opinion of the Central Bank for loan demand was approved by the Council of State after 4 years of trial. Karaman said, “But we waited for 4 years. He said, "Let's earn 1 percent income for the state, we made 10 percent loss."
Liberalize with airway model
Explaining that they will liberate the railways with the “airlines” model, Karaman said that they submitted the draft law they prepared to the Council of Ministers. With draft, private companies, including high-speed trains, said, “Get the trainer. You are a cargo or passenger. Karaman said, “If you want, you should build the line on your own”. We will bring a chance to choose one of dozens of companies. We have this project in our 4 plan. ”
Train Inc. We will establish
Stating that TCDD will become an infrastructure company, Karaman said that Türk Tren A.Ş. He said that the second company would be established under the name. Karaman said, “We will leave as the company responsible for the infrastructure to be independent. Companies wishing to enter the sector will also receive a license from the General Directorate of Regulations established under the Ministry of Transport. ”

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