Kadıköy How long are the travel times of metro stops between Kartal?

Kadıköy Kartal subway line was opened with 16 stops. An average of 2 minutes between each stop, but access times to the stops extend up to 10 minutes.
Newly opened Kadıköy Kartal Metro line stops are based on the journey made as follows:
Kadıköy - Ayrılıkçeşme metro station: 2 minutes
Ayrılıkçeşme - Acıbadem metro station: 2 minutes
Acıbadem - Ünalan - Uzunçayır metro station: 2 minutes
Ünalan Uzunçayır - Göztepe metro station: 2 minutes
Goztepe - Yenisahra metro station: 2 minutes
Yenisahra - Kozyatagi metro station: 2 minutes
Kozyatağı - Bostancı metro station: 2 minutes
Bostancı - Küçükyalı metro station: 3 minutes
Small Yali - Maltepe metro station: 3 minutes
Maltepe - Nursing Home metro station: 2 minutes
Retirement Home - Gülsuyu metro station: 2 minutes
Gülsuyu - Esenkent metro station: 2 minutes
Esenkent - Courthouse Hospital metro station: 2 minutes
Courthouse Hospital - Soganlik subway station: 2 minutes
Soğanlık - Kartal metro station: 2 minutes
These times are actually fractures, but the average time zones based on passenger density and waiting times at the stop are around 2 minutes for each station range. However, the main road from these stations on the E5 line, or vice versa, the main road to the metro transportation, while at some stops can find 10 minutes. For example, between the metro station of Kozyatağı and Bostanci metro station 2 minutes but you need to spend about 15 minutes to enter one of these stops and exit from the other. In other words, if you walk between Kozyatağı and Bostancı stops at a fast pace, you will travel almost at the same time.
In order to transfer metro metrobus on the Anatolian side, you must go down to the Uzunçayır stop and reach the Ünalan Metro stop in a minute walk of 10-12. Marmaray metro BRT is expected to be commissioned after about 2 year.
on the other hand Kadıköy Although it is not on the Kartal metro line, let us consider the Şükrü Saracoğlu stadium, which is a region that will attract the most attention especially on match days. This stadium already has a connection to the Metrobus line, but no Metro connection. The fans themselves Kadıköy For now, they will be able to take the metro to Kartal Metro with the transfer of Uzunçayır - Ünalan Metrobüs - Metro. But let's just point it out. To get off the metrobus and transfer to Ünalan Uzunçayır metro stop, you will have to walk a little more than 10 minutes on average.

Source : I www.emlakrotasi.co

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