Construction Starts in Bursa Urban Tram Line

📩 24/11/2018 20:49

The rails to be laid on the 6.5-kilometer Sculpture-Garage Tram Line, designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to facilitate transportation in the city center, came to Bursa. Recep Metropolitan of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Recep Altepe, reminded that the rails and technical materials were excluded from the tender and reminded that they had placed the orders before, and that the foundation of the line will be laid on Tuesday, 7 August.
In order to solve the transportation problem in Bursa with rail system investments, the Metropolitan Municipality lays the foundation of the Sculpture-Garage Tram Line on Tuesday, August 7. The Metropolitan Municipality, which signed the contract with the Spanish company Comsa SA, which won the tender for the 6.5 km line on June 25, on July 19, excluded rails and some technical materials and placed orders beforehand to save time. The 17 kilometers long rails from Poland reached Gemlik by sea. Later, the rails taken from the trucks with trucks were started to be lowered to the area in Kültürpark, which will be used as a construction site.
The Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who examined the construction site in Kültürpark where the rails were lowered, received information about the works from the General Manager of Buruluş Levent Fidansoy. Reminding that they promised that they will bring the rail systems used by all modern cities in Europe by weaving Bursa with iron networks to the city, President Altepe said that they are working with all their strengths to complete the Sculpture Garage line as soon as possible. Mayor Altepe stated that the city tram lines will work in integration with the Bursaray lines and said, “We have taken all necessary measures as the Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş in order to complete the project in the most troubled region of the city in terms of transportation. Therefore, in order to save time, we had previously ordered the rails that we excluded from the tender. Now our tracks have arrived. The scissors will come in a few days, too. Our goal is to complete the line in less than 10 months and open it for transportation. However, we will not do any work on the main streets where the line will pass until Ramadan Feast. We will evaluate this period with construction site and technical studies. ”
13 station will take place along the route of Stadium Street - Altıparmak Street - Atatürk Street - Sculpture - İnönü Street - Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street - City Square - Darmstad Street. 1 workshop building, 2 warehouse road, 2 workshop road, 15 scissor, 1 cruiser, 3 transformer building will be manufactured. There will also be a special rail system in the area intersecting the Cumhuriyet Caddesi tram line. 4 pieces of pocket lines were also designed in places suitable for emergencies. In project scope; the construction of excavation-filling and infrastructure drainage systems, installation of stations, construction of stations, signaling systems compatible with the existing traffic signaling system and construction of scada systems and workshop building for the maintenance and repair of tram vehicles will be made.

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