Why Eskişehir Railway Station and Station Crossing Project Protocol does not pass through TCDD

After the agreement with the TCDD protocol was reached on the Garage and Crossing Transition Project, it was clear that TCDD had not submitted the protocol to the board of directors.
Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen was authorized to sign the protocol at the session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in June. Büyükerşen signed the protocol, the construction of the new Gar building, taking the railway passing through the city under the project to continue the Transition to the Transition Project, the collapse of the Bridge Bridge, such as the work of a series of content had shown that the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality.
Especially the construction of the Gar building between the existing Gar and Enveriye became clear with this cooperation.
Prime Minister Erdogan's visit to Eskişehir during the subject of the hanging of the subject caused rumors, while the protocol to be submitted to the Board of Directors of the TCDD will be announced in the week 1 said to be announced to the public during the intervening 2 month-by-one comments were not confused.
The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality said that they had signed the protocol and they were waiting to wait for this. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen said, “We have been working on the protocol with DDY. Prepared protocol 3-4 once and then came. Either we added something, or we said it was incomplete, or when they said they demanded something, the common point was. We brought that protocol to parliament. We have the authority from the Assembly. We signed, İm he said.
Evaluating the fate of the protocol, President Büyükerşen said, “The protocol we signed went to Ankara immediately. 1 was to be announced and announced to the public in the week. But this did not happen. Why not, why we did not know. Obviously there is no answer about it. But this isn't from us. We did what we needed. However, there is no rationale within the framework of the protocol in order to ensure that the MDG does not disclose it. The final shape was accepted. There is a deed problem here, or the local politicians did not know whether the intervention. But we put our signature on that protocol we agreed. Sin went away from us. Why the answer did not come to what we are wondering, biz he said.
President Yılmaz Büyükerşen stated that the contents of the protocol were announced by TCDD, but there was no sound in this regard. Traffic would be relieved in the east-west direction. They said let's make a challenge in front of the station. We have an aesthetic commission here. We said it wouldn't work. So many things were spoken. However, there is a fact that if the protocol was signed or not signed, we did not know why the information was not given. Ancak

Source: City Newspaper

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