Beyoglu Nostalgic Tram Line Renewal tender was held (PRIVATE NEWS)

The tender for the tender for the Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line Renewal Work 2012/82412 was held on 01.08.2012 at 16:00. Below are the bids of the 6 companies that submitted valid bids:

1- DMO INS. 2.245.240,00 TL
2- KAZOVA INS. 2.493.984,28 TL
3- E + EM ELEK. 2.700.410,30 TL
4-ÇAMLIK INS. 2.990,876,00 TL
5- İDK İNŞ. 3.488.940,00 TL
6- EKOL YAPI 3.398.990,75 TL


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