Signed for the production of 30 sleepers between Bulgaria and TÜVASAŞ!

The Bulgarian capital Sofia 17 on December 2010 was signed for the production of a total of 32.205.000 Euro-sleeper cars between Bulgarian Railways and TÜVASAŞ.

In 2008, TÜVASAŞ was the best bidder in the tender for the purchase of 30 passenger passenger cars by the Bulgarian Railways.

Last July, it was announced that the tender was canceled by the Bulgarian Railways. Following this statement, the objection of TÜVASAŞ to the Bulgarian High Administrative Court was found to be justified and it was decided that the cancellation of the tender was unlawful and that the case could not be appealed in any way. Following this decision in October, negotiations between TÜVASAŞ and Bulgarian Railways were concluded with the signing of the contract.

On the 17 December 2010 in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, the Bulgarian Railways and TÜVASAŞ were signed for the production of a total of 32.205.000 Euro-sleeper cars at Euro 30.

TÜVASAŞ Satisfied ..

Under this agreement, TÜVASAŞ, under the leadership of General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, has a dynamic structure that adapts to the scientific and technological innovations in the world and has started to export its modern and modern passenger cars to the European Union countries. This development, which is extremely important for both the country and the country's economy, also pleased TÜVASAŞ employees.

Lu We are proud and happy with the agreement we made with neighboring and friendly EU member Bulgaria. We have received the results of our long-standing efforts.

This agreement is a turning point for TÜVASAŞ. In parallel with the developments in our railways, which have made significant investments in railways within the framework of the transportation policy of our government, we have initiated the process of change in our sector with the works we have done for the last five years. Hüküm

TÜVASAŞ General Director İbrahim Ertirya said, "Both TÜVASAŞ both of these pleasing developments on behalf of Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries is an introduction to the work to be done in the coming days." He said, gave the signal for the future of new projects.

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