Hygiene is very important in IZBAN

Every day, about 150 thousand people moved to the cleanliness of the trains stating that they give a very important Sert, "not only cleaning, but also we care about safety. We have 600 staff. 100 drives this, the 100 offers technical and administrative, remaining cleaning and security services. We have the idea of ​​doing something new for the continuous improvement of the system and not liking what we have done before. 12 thousand people per day while carrying this number in a short time 150 thousand people but we are not satisfied. We're thinking about how to get this to 200. For this, we are making 300 deduction calculations with new train sets and expeditions. However, our main goal is 550 bin. We estimate that the city will reach the number of 2020 thousand by 550. The figure we see is 300 thousand passengers per day in two years with the arrival of our new vehicles. In addition, we have built infrastructure facilities and vehicle purchases of around $ 400 million. Ayrıca

Source : http://www.turkmemur.net

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