Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center Opened

Ozdemir Bayraktar Science Center Opened
Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center Opened

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the science centers they established in different cities with the support of TUBITAK increased the interest in science in Turkey, and said, “Last year, 1 million citizens visited the science centers we established. More than 275 of our children attended different education programs in these science centers.” said.

The opening ceremony of Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center located in Gaziosmanpaşa, Industry and Technology Minister Varank, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Gaziosmanpaşa District Governor İskender Yönden, Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta, TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal, Ministry of Industry and Technology Istanbul Provincial Director Abdurrahman Aydın, Boğaziçi University Rector and TÜBİTAK Board Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Naci İnci, Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) Chairman of the Board and Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar, T3 Foundation General Manager Ömer Kökçam, AK Party Istanbul Provincial Youth Branch President Muhammed Cem Çekerek, AK Party Gaziosmanpaşa District President Fatih Aydemir, Nationalist Movement It was held with the participation of Başar Ünal, Deputy Secretary of the Istanbul Provincial Party and many citizens.

The opening ceremony started with the promotional video of Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center and the video showing Özdemir Bayraktar's life.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Minister Varank stated that the opening of the Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center was very meaningful to them and said that they will keep the cherished memory of Özdemir Bayraktar, the pioneer of UAVs and SİHAs, alive in this beautiful science center for generations.

Emphasizing that Özdemir Bayraktar's dreams for Turkey and the cherished sons of this nation will continue to come true in this beautiful science center, Varank said, “This science center, which will raise future science stars, new Özdemir Bayraktars, Selçuk Bayraktars, wish good luck to all Istanbulites. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to its establishment, especially our Mayor of Gaziosmanpaşa, TÜBİTAK, and all our stakeholders.” said.

Ozdemir Bayraktar Science Center Opened


Mustafa Varank stated that the world is going through a chaotic period when it is faced with epidemics, wars and the devastating effects of climate change, and said:

“All these global problems are reshaping our world. The future of the reshaped world is determined by digitalization and technological developments. Countries that develop critical technologies accelerate their development by increasing their competitiveness as well as gaining the reflex to combat global problems. In today's world, owning critical technologies and developing your own technology is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. It is the R&D and innovation ecosystems of the countries that allow the development of these technologies. In this sense, we see innovation as the key to development, prosperity and Turkey's future.

Our human resources and human infrastructure are at the center of our innovation ecosystem, which we have built from scratch in 20 years with this awareness. Because we are aware that the most powerful capital of our country is the young human resource. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are taking very different steps towards our youth, who will carry us to our goals of the Turkish Century. Every year, we organize TEKNOFEST, the world's largest space, aviation and technology festival, in order for science and technology to penetrate all layers of society from 7 to 77. Our bright young people, also from Gaziosmanpaşa, develop rockets, build industrial robots, design and race autonomous underwater vehicles, gain experience in chip design at TEKNOFEST competitions.”

In the first year of TEKNOFEST, while 14 thousand young people took part in the competitions in 20 categories, Varank said that more than 40 thousand competitors were reached in 600 different categories last year, adding, “The fire of TEKNOFEST that we spread to Anatolia and Baku will burn in 3 cities this year, I hope. TEKNOFEST 2023 will take place in İzmir on March 16-19, in Istanbul between April 27-May 1, and in Ankara between August 30-September 3. I hope the TEKNOFEST generation will continue to grow.” used his statements.

Ozdemir Bayraktar Science Center Opened


Minister of Industry and Technology Varank stated that another project they carry out to make young people the technology stars of the future is the DENEYAP Turkey project, and said, “At 81 DENEYAP Technology Workshops spread across 100 provinces, our children will carry out a wide range of projects from artificial intelligence to the internet of things, from design to coding. They are learning to develop. On the other hand, we organize sky observation activities to increase the interest of our young people in space and astronomy. Last year, we brought together 34 thousand astronomy and space enthusiasts in Diyarbakır, Van, Erzurum and Antalya with the stars. We believe that our young people, whose horizons are as wide as the Milky Way, will carry Turkey to the Champions League in the space race.” said.

Noting that Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta talked about a memory from his childhood, Varank continued his words as follows:

“Our president, Hasan Tahsin, said, 'When I was a student, I wanted to be an astronaut. I told my geography teacher that I wanted to be an astronaut. Our teacher said to me, 'They will not take the Turks into space. We won't get a chance to get there.' said. Do you know why he gave this answer, sir? Because at that time, there was no visionary leader like Recep Tayyip Erdogan. By Allah's leave, we will send Turkey's first space passenger to the International Space Station this year. A Turkish citizen will represent our crescent and star red flag on the International Space Station. Our friends to go are very high quality. Soon, our President will announce our two candidates to the public. As Turkey, we will experience this pride together.

Science centers that we have established in different cities with the support of TÜBİTAK increase the interest in science in our country. In these centers, we bring our children together with science and raise awareness in the field of science and technology through applied activities. Last year, 1 million citizens visited the science centers we established. More than 275 thousand of our children participated in different education programs in these science centers. We are happy and proud to bring one of these science centers, where future engineers, respected scientists and successful designers are trained, to Gaziosmanpaşa.”


Industry and Technology Minister Varank stated that they provided support of approximately 4 million liras to Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center with the help of TÜBİTAK and said, “Our Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality has allocated a budget of 6 million liras on top of this. This science center includes technology, mathematics, natural sciences, design, astronomy, space and aviation, and DENEYAP Workshops.” said.

After the speeches, Minister Varank and his entourage cut the opening ribbon of the Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center and made investigations at the center. Minister Varank visited the workshops in the center with the children. sohbet He.

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