Simple Accounting: The Best Solution for Small Businesses


Accounting isn't always easy, but there is a solution for small businesses: automated accounting. This accounting method is ideal for small businesses as it is simple and efficient. But is automatic accounting possible?

Accounting is also important for small businesses

Automated accounting is based on three pillars: First, you need to get important data such as sales and costs. This is done by connecting the accounting software to your bank.

Second, you need to update this data regularly. This too is automatic. The software receives bank transactions and checks whether appropriate invoices are available. Automatic.

Third, the data obtained can be used to create interesting reports and analysis so you can understand them and act accordingly. Digital accounting has many advantages for small businesses. First of all, it is very flexible and adapts to your needs. Also, it's cheap.

Online accounting: simple and effective

Digital accounting is the best solution for small businesses that cannot invest a lot of time and money in their finances. With the right software, you can save and evaluate your business data online – easily with your smartphone from home or on the go. Sevdesk and Lexoffice companies were established in the market. Both match bank accounts with invoices. And both master the complex German sales tax. However, there are big differences. We clearly evaluated these by comparing Sevdesk and lexoffice:

Comparison: Sevdesk vs Lexoffice

It's that easy for accounting systems

Simple accounting systems like Sevdesk or Lexoffice are an ideal solution for small businesses. These systems are user-friendly and cost-effective, so even small-budget entrepreneurs can benefit from them.

The effort of setup is minimal and it is intuitive to use. This makes it possible, as a small company, to keep your finances in perfect control and work more efficiently.

The software not only creates records in the background but also appropriate profit and loss accounts. In addition, it is easy to generate all the necessary reports as all processes are clearly laid out. Whichever system you choose, whether Sevdesk or Lexoffice: Simple accounting systems are very effective in managing finances and offer small businesses an unrivaled advantage: cost savings! With the help of this software, you can save a lot of time and money at the same time, without high costs for external e-advisors or tax consultants!

Practical tips for small business accounting

Digital accounting is the best solution for small businesses that rely on good accounting and want to grow. With digital accounting, you can always keep an eye on your finances and change them if necessary or make new entries at any time. Invoices can also be created automatically.

Digital accounting offers many advantages: You save time and money because you no longer have to manually record individual transactions in your accounting. Instead, everything is automatically taken over and displayed in real time. You can manage your accounting from home, on the road or in the office from anywhere. If necessary, you can always make changes or make new reservations.

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